QuickBooks Error 1904 Module Failed to Register

QuickBooks Error 1904 Module Failed to Register

If your file is anyhow corrupted or is infected by any means then you will see a message like: QuickBooks Error 1904 Module Failed to Register and “Error 1904 failed to register when installing QuickBooks” QuickBooks is a simple and straight forward accounting program that is incorporated with strong features and tools. This tool helps you:

  • Increase business productivity,
  • Reduce monthly expenses,
  • Improve output accuracy,
  • Simplified tax compliance;
  • Provide tight security and a lot more.

QuickBooks is a smarter way to run a start-up or small business. The software escalates sales and business growth saving time and money that can be further used to build business strategies.

There are certain scenarios when QuickBooks encounters errors (technical and functional). These errors occur due to many reasons that are defined with a unique code and error message. Error code 1904 module failed to register is one of the technical error that the user encounters.

QuickBooks Error 1904 Module Failed to Register – Causes

QuickBooks Error code 1904 indicates: file path, name or extension has failed to register.”

  • This commonly occurs due to improper settings of the corrupted or damaged file.
  • Damage/lost QuickBooks installer file
  • QuickBooks not updated to the latest version
  • Failed to register when Improper Installation
  • In case you see many errors at once and they indicate the ICWrapper.dll, qbprefs.dll, RcnFndRequestHandler.dll and qbupdate.exe, then the error might be caused by a damaged component of Microsoft Visual C++.

This error code can also crop up while installing QuickBooks Desktop once Windows operating system is upgraded and the system is rebooted after a system upgrade.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 1904:

QuickBooks Error 1904

When you face this error & when your file path has failed to register, you can run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool. For the exceptional cases, the approach is different.

Total Time: 30 minutes

Solution 1: Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool

🔹 Complete the installation process and if you see any of the error messages then simply ignore them.
🔹 Do not open your QuickBooks application, just yet.
🔹 Restart your computer system.
🔹 In case your installation is still incomplete then download and run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
🔹 After that reboot your system.
🔹 Despite running the tool, if the error occurs then activate the Built in Administrator.
🔹 When all done, you will have to install QuickBooks program under the built in admin account.

Solution 2: Installing Adobe Flash Player

🔹 If for some reason your QuickBooks error 1904 doesn’t go then you would need to try the below given steps:
🔹 If in case you have Bit-defender,
🔹 In case you are following QuickBooks Desktop installation on your system with Bitdefender, you have to add C:Program Files Intuit to the expulsion list of Bitdefender. 🔹 Disabling Bitdefender will not resolve the issue.

In case the error occurs when installing Adobe Flash Player. Follow the steps listed below:
🔹 Download QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
🔹 Run the tool on the system
🔹 Uninstall the Adobe Flash Player. Open the Run window.
🔹 Type control Panel within the search box.
🔹 Click to uninstall a program.
🔹 Select Adobe Flash PlayerActiveX and click on the uninstall button.
🔹 Execute the steps mentioned to complete the process.
🔹 Download and install the Adobe Flash Player from www.adobe.com.

Solution 3: In case the Error References QBversion.dll

If you are faced with error QBversion.dll, and you are still seeing QuickBooks error 1904 module failed to register then follow along:

Method 1: Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
🔹 Download the tool from the website
🔹 Run the program.
🔹 Reboot the computer
🔹 Reinstall

Method 2: Check permissions and use hidden (built-in) Administrator account
Make a notepad file.

🔹 Save the file to the installation directory to check permissions.
🔹 Open the Run window.
🔹 Mention in Notepad and click OK.
🔹 Type in QBTEST in the notepad.
🔹 Go to File menu.
🔹 Choose Save As.
🔹 Save the file to the installation directory. 32-bit C:Program FilesCommon Files
64-bit C:Program Files(x86)Common Files

Ask for help:

Saving the installation file in the above step will help you resolve your error. But in case if you still face “QuickBooks error 1904 module failed to register” error then you would need to immediately get in touch with our QuickBooks experts. Our certified QuickBooks error support will look into the issue and diagnose your error for the possible causes. Thus wait no longer as this will only put your financial data at risk.