QuickBooks error 6190. What it is and how to fix it?


QuickBooks financial accounting software is outlined with features considering the small and medium sized business. The software is embedded with powerful features and tools that helps escalates the business performance. Despite of Quickbooks being the highly preferred accounting software, there are instances when the software encounters errors and the user falls to the pit. QuickBooks error 6190 is just among them. The error occurs due to multiple reasons and become critical if not fixed at the right time.

“For QuickBooks support you can connect at their toll free number at 1800-865-4183.”

Why does the QuickBooks error 6190 occurs?

QuickBooks error code 6190 occurs due to multiple reasons. They are as mentioned below:

  • If the user is opening the file in the single user mode either it will restrict to open or display a message, “Not able to open the file”.
  • In case the document is shown in the system area of a just read record
  • When the organization record is pass on for minimum one login accreditation Linux error is identified.


  • The error can be fixed by opening the organization record in the single user mode.
  • Also it can be fixed by opening the records on the read only mode.

QuickBooks error code -6190 -816

QuickBooks error code -6190 -816, is a category of error that is reported by the users. The error crops up with an error message:

“QuickBooks was not able to open the company file [path] in the central computer.”

It indicates that your crucial business data is not accessible.

Reasons for the Error:

  • Mismatch of the enterprise log file with the company file.
  • Failure in the software update process.
  • User accessing the file in the Single User Mode.
  • Data Corruption in the QuickBooks data file.

Work Around for QuickBooks error code -6190 -816

Prior attempting the resolution steps ensure that the QuickBooks version you are using has been to the latest version.

QuickBooks File Doctor Tool:

  • Download “QuickBooks File Doctor” Tool -> Install -> Run it.

    It may not be safe to download the software. If you are looking to work with QuickBooks file doctor then dial tollfree at 1800-865-4183.

  • Login as Administrator. It will give two options: (1) Both file damage & network connectivity (2) Only Network connectivity
  • Choose the first option to the error -6190
  • You will be prompted for a password. Enter your admin password
  • It will ask to locate the company files on the computer or web
  • Choose Yes in case you are using Web based and No for computer based company file
  • Click on “Proceed”.

In case the tool runs successfully it will identify and repair the company file. In case the error persists you have to fix the disparity. Prior to this you need to ensure that you are using the same system where the files are saved. Further you have to rename the files. Renaming the company files prevent them from data loss. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to the folder comprising the your company file.
  • Locate the transaction log file, and company file, with same name but different extensions.
  • Click to choose the “Rename” option.
  • Enter any new name and only add “-OLD” word at the end of the file name. You do have to clear the extension or “.qbw.nd”.
  • Likewise you have to rename the transaction log file without omitting the extension.
  • Click to exit.
  • Open QuickBooks program and try to login in the company file.

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