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QuickBooks small business accounting program is stuffed with rich features. Though it is not a bad thing but not a good thing as well. Because of too many features you might get confused and may run into an error. QuickBooks error 83 is one such problem faced by QB users.

QuickBooks software features mobilizes the financial and accounting operations of the business and helps in the quick acceleration of growth of the business. With the employment of this software the business management becomes smooth and easy. But there are times when the software faces problems. The problems can be either technical or functional. QuickBooks faces many errors that is resembled with a code. QuickBooks error code 83 is one of them that is reported by the users.

What is QuickBooks Error 83?

The error is a technical glitch that occurs due to many possible reasons. But identification of the right cause of the error is important so that you can initiate immediate resolution of the error. The user needs to connect with the QuickBooks customer support team immediately for fixing the error quick and easy.


Below mentioned factors can be the possible reasons for the happening of this error.

  • Improper/Incomplete installation of QuickBooks accounting software in your system.
  • The storage folder of the organizational file is damaged or corrupt.
  • The server is restricted to approach and access the company files.
  • Hindrance from the antivirus security software to access the QBDataServiceUserXX service on the server that stores all the important company files.
  • The user logged in the system might not be allowed to edit the organizational file.
  • While hosting is enabled in the incorrect workstation and wrong server instead of the right workstation or server.

Steps to fix the QuickBooks Error 83?

QuickBooks error 83

The below mentioned steps can help you fix the issue. The steps should be executed in the right sequence to resolve the error successfully. It is recommended to approach the QuickBooks customer support team.

  1. Move to the location of the file
  2. Click on the start on the bottom left, under the file option
  3. Choose the respective computer
  4. Select the data drive that is company name data
  5. Click on the file name that faces errors
  6. When you click the file name, use the F2 key on the keyboard for launching the file rename.
  7. While you rename the file name ensure that there is no extra extension for the company file. The file name should end with .qbw.
  8. Add some extra character to the file name and authorize it to refresh it.
  9. Then click the file name and press F2 key again.
  10. Remove or delete the extra character added to the above step and click off the file.

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