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When trying to open, backup or restore your company file, you might come across QuickBooks error code (-6000, -83). This error code encounters when accessing the company file. If the problem continues, contact QuickBooks experts who help to fix the error codes (-6000, -83) effortlessly.

The user does not have enough permission for the particular folder. To access QuickBooks software in a multi-user setting, you should have read/write permission and delete/ create rights to the locations where the business file is stored.

Major reasons for QuickBooks error code -6000 and -83

These errors may be the result of the following reason:

  • Converting the business file from a previous version over a network connection
  • Missing files in the QuickBooks installation
  • Inadequate permissions for the network server or Windows user
  • A firewall or Antivirus software blocking the QuickBooks software files
  • Damage shared folder or company file
  • More than one system trying to host the business file
  • Using a non-Canadian or non-U.S. version of Windows or enclosing the Regional Language locations in Windows set other than English
  • The company file is accessed (UNC Path or Mapped Network Drive)
  • The file extension might be.qbw.adr or .qbm

Fixation of QuickBooks error code -6000 and -83

Method 1: Use the QuickBooks File Doctor

To fix the error code 6000, -83), Use the QuickBooks File Doctor tool and Fix the network or company file.

Method 2: Switch off the hosting on all workstations

For the multi-user QuickBooks Desktop, arrange only of them to host the business file. Perform the given steps to turn off the hosting on all computer units.

  • Start the QuickBooks Desktop> click File, and then choose Utilities.
  • From the list:
    1. Host Multi-User Access – the system is not hosting the business file and you can directly switch to the next system.
    2. Stop Hosting Multi-User Access – choose the alternative, then:
        • In the Stop hosting multi-user window, click to yes.
        • The business file window should be closed. to continue and move to the next system, click Yes.

Method 3: Fix manually Error -6000, -83

  • Update the QuickBooks software to the latest release.
  • Arrange the QuickBooks Desktop files for security or firewall software

Verify the permissions to use the company file

  • To confirm that the permissions are setup properly, refer to the Set up folder permissions to share the business files.
  • If you require setting permissions, refer to Windows Set access permissions to the share business files.

Scan the organizational files

  • Go to Windows Start menu, select Programs> Choose QuickBooks software and select the QuickBooks software Database Server Manager.
  • In the QuickBooks software Database Server Manager, choose Add Folder and surf the folders accumulating the company files.
  • After adding all folders, click Scan.
  • The company files display within QuickBooks software, and Click Close.
  • Browse to the folders comprising the business files and ensuring the file .qbw.nd.

Need additional support?

Hope the solution is useful in fixing the QuickBooks error code -6000 and -83. However, you can get additional support in fixing the QuickBooks error from our QuickBooks professionals. The experts are proficient enough with years of experience in the field available for 24×7 to provide a suitable solution and required information.

You can contact directly at Ask for accounting toll-free number 1-800-865-4183 to connect with the professionals. They also offer support via Live Chat Support.

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