QuickBooks Error Log


QuickBooks is a complex software that was designed using various codes and algorithms. There are occasions when you are working on the software, you come across certain errors that may end up crashing your program and delay your work. These errors can be due to either any functional or technical issue. One such error is “QuickBooks Error Log“.

QuickBooks Error Log:

QuickBooks Error Log is an issue that you may come across because of web-connectivity issues in your Windows operating system that has Microsoft Win32 Internet, which is commonly known as Winlnet API. These APIs are generally used by the QuickBooks accounting solutions for quick and easy Internet Protocols like FTP, Gopher and HTTP. It is a 12XXX series error sequence. The 12XXX errors normally prevent the latest installed updates to sync with the software. This may even lead to some major issues in the near future.

Here are the lists of issues that can also lead to the Error Log:

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Log:

The solutions below are suggested by the Intuit experts to resolve your QuickBooks Error Log.

Total Time:

Solution I: System Repair

🔹 Reboot your computer system.
🔹 Log in to your workstation as a system Administrator.
🔹 From your keyboard, press the Windows
🔹 Select All Applications option and then click on Accessories.
🔹 Go to Computer Tools and then click on the System Repair.
🔹 Run the code [K016] and do the QuickBooks server check.
🔹 Go to the New Window option and click on the “Reinstall my PC”. Then click on the Next
🔹 Go to the advanced system, so that you can restore point from the “On this review, click a restore point” run down and press the Next
🔹 Again, click on the Next
🔹 As your rebuilding is finishes, restart your system again.

Solution II: Utility Tool

🔹 Download the Repair utility on your computer system.
🔹 Install it on your computer system and then click on it to run the scan.
🔹 By running the scan, you can easily resolve your errors.
🔹 Reboot your computer system.

The solutions above will resolve your QuickBooks Error Log. In case you are unable to understand the steps and need some guidance, than you can contact the technical support team.

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