QuickBooks FCS Service is Damaged

What about QuickBooks FCS service is damaged well this is what we gonna discuss today. QuickBooks FCS Service is developed by Intuit that is expressed with the file name “Intuit.QuickBooks.FCS.exe file”.

FCS signifies the file copy service. The file acts as a directory that pushes the QuickBooks program to start and follow the latest updates within the software.

What is Intuit, QuickBooks FCS Service

QuickBooks FCS services help you figure out the latest updates from the official website. Once the updates are successfully downloaded from the Intuit Server, in the background the file begins processing without any hindrance to the user. While updating payroll you face the error code 15241 and 15243 that damages QuickBooks FCS Service displaying an error message “Error 15243, FCS service damaged”.

How to Fix Damaged QuickBooks FCS Service Issue

Get the solution steps to fix the QuickBooks FCS service damaged issues.

Solution 1: For Repairing the QuickBooks Desktop account

  • Initially, close all the applications that are running in the background using the Task Manager
  • Open the Task Manager then go to the Processes tab
  • After that, search for all the QuickBooks processes and then select it
  • Click on the End Task button below to close all the processes
  • After this, reboot your system
  • When the restart process completes, open the Control Panel in your system
  • In the Programs, go to the Programs again
  • Now from the list, find the QuickBooks (version)
  • Right-click on it and click on the option Uninstall/Change
  • The QuickBooks Installation Window opens up
  • Click on the Next button after that click on the Repair option
  • Then click on the Finish option
  • Restart your system
  • Open the RUN window by pressing the Ctrl+R keys from the keyboard
  • In the text field, type the MSConfig and then click on the OK button
  • Then choose the General tab and click on the option Selective Startup
  • Now to lead the system services and load the Startup product you have to choose this option by tick-mark the box
  • Disable the services by clicking on the Services tab
  • You have to click on the option Hide all options of Microsoft services
  • Then again restart your system
  • Uninstall and then do a clean installation to install the software properly in your system
  • Download the latest update in your QuickBooks Desktop account.

Solution 2: For re-validating the Subscription of the QuickBooks Payroll

  • In this, you have to open the QuickBooks software first
  • Then go to the Employees menu option
  • After that, select the My Payroll Service
  • Now, you have to tick mark the Account/Billing Information option shown to you
  • Click on the Exit option
  • The process of the validation is going to start
  • Complete the process successfully
  • Again, try to update your QuickBooks payroll account
  • When the validation is done after the update, the issue is no more.

Solution 3: For QuickBooks Clean Installation in Your System

  • First of all, in your system open the Run window using the Ctrl+R keys from the keyboard
  • Type the MSConfig in the Run window and press the Enter button from the keyboard
  • A window opens up in this, click on the tab name General then further click on the Selective startup option
  • Click on the box with the name Load system services and Load the startup items
  • Next, go to the Services tab and then do disable all the services that are mentioned here
  • Then tick-mark the option Hide all Microsoft Services
  • Now Restart your system
  • Uninstall the software from your system using the Control Panel
  • Reinstall the software using the QuickBooks clean install
  • In the end, you can download the latest update to your QuickBooks account.

QuickBooks FCS Service is Disabled when you start getting Error 15241

If you ever face that your QuickBooks FCS service is disabled then you may not be able to update to any future versions of QuickBooks. Another factor that will let you know that you have your QuickBooks FCS service is disabled is when you start getting QuickBooks error 15241.

  • Logout from your QuickBooks accounting software, if you are already logged in.
  • Now you will have to open up the run dialogue box on your desktop. To do that you can hit the (windows button + R).
  • Now make a search for .MSC file extension and hit enter.
  • Locate the FCS file and double-click on that.
  • Now navigate like General tab > startup type > Manual and hit apply.
  • Click on the Start tab and then hit OK.
  • Now re-login to your QuickBooks account and update the software. Most likely your error will be fixed.

How to Repair Error QuickBooks FCS Service is Damaged Windows 10

When this error has been encountered follow the steps mentioned below…

  • Close QuickBooks program.
  • Press Windows + E This will open up your windows.
  • Windows 8 users are supposed to click the Computer tab.
  • Click Uninstall or change the program.
  • Select QuickBooks and click to uninstall the same.
  • The QuickBooks installation window is displayed
  • Click on the next option and choose the repair radio button
  • Go to the bottom and click the Repair
  • Click Finish.
  • Probably your QuickBooks installation should now be repaired.
  • Restart your computer when you are prompted.
  • Open your QuickBooks program.
  • Then you can run the payroll.

The above steps will help you fix the QuickBooks FCS service that is damaged by windows 10. Now that you have done that, follow the following steps and update your payroll. This you can do by updating your tax tables. The following steps will help you do that.

Update or Download QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables

It is always recommended to download the latest updated tax table. For doing this, you would need to consider a few notes and instructions suggested below:

Steps to Update QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables

  • Before going any further, please make sure that you have an active QuickBooks payroll subscription.
  • It is of crucial importance that you update the tax tables within QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Intuit recommends that QuickBooks users download and successfully update the tax table at an interval of 45 days once the payment is made to the employees.
  • For more information, you can land on the official website of Intuit.
  • It will provide a detailed description of tax tables.
  • For the real-time assistance on tax, tables update release the user is supposed to move to the automatic updates options in the QuickBooks Desktop version on.

Steps to Download QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables

Thoroughly walk through the following instructions to download the recently released updates of the Payroll Tax Table:

  • Go to Employees on the menu bar followed by the “Get Payroll Updates” option.
  • Choose the option “Download entire payroll update”.
  • Select “Update”.
  • When the download process is over a message is prompted to the user: “A new tax table and/or updates to your payroll tax forms have been installed on your computer”.
  • Click OK to accept the changes.
  • Click OK again.

Downloading Payroll Tax Table via Disk

The disk delivery service is used for installing the updated tax table for Payroll via disk/CD. Follow the instructions as mentioned below:

  • Insert the Payroll update CD within the disk space.
  • Seek to open the screen that comprises “Get Payroll Updates” by following certain steps: QuickBooks Desktop Pro & Premier users need to follow the steps:
    • Go to the main menu by choosing the option “Get Payroll Updates”.
  • A new “Install Payroll Update” window is displayed.
  • The user gets a prompt saying: Search destination of update.dat or update3.dat file.
  • Select Browse.
  • From the Install screen -> Choose the option of CD drive that you can see under the drop-down menu.
  • Click either on update.dat or update3.dat go to the Payroll update disk and open it.
  • New screen Payroll Update is displayed
  • Click OK.

Hope now you know, how to deal with the QuickBooks FCS Service is Damaged problem and QB payroll update issue. If you have found an answer then we are glad that we helped.

If still facing issues then call our QuickBooks error consultant team dial the toll-free number or choose the email option to connect with the consultant team. The live chat option is the instant Consultant option.


  • Is Payroll Repairing the Solution to fix the Damaged QuickBooks FCS Service?

    Yes, it is the solution to this error of the FCS service. This error encounters when you are working on the payroll. So, you can try all the resolutions related to it. But mainly, you have to go with the solution related to the reason that causes this error.

  • Is this Work in the Windows 10 Operating System only?

    No, this solution works in all the Windows operating systems depending on the QuickBooks software version you are having. The name of some options may different but the process of the solution is the same.

  • Do I need to update the Payroll and QuickBooks both or does the update of any one of them resolve the issue?

    Yes, you have to update the QuickBooks and the Payroll both so that you won’t face any issues while working. If you update any one thing then you face many issues like compatibility, integration, and many more issues and problems.

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