QuickBooks for Mac Keeps Crashing – Why the Software Constantly Crashes?


If your QuickBooks Software is Crashing Continuously then that can be Because of 2 Different Reasons:

  1. You may be using quickbooks with some corrupted driver or the systems extension might be damaged. If this is the issue that it can simply be resolved by rebooting the system.
  2. Another possibility is that you might have infected data that would be bothering your working. To rectify this issue, you would need go to the files tab within quickbooks and choose to select Rebuild data under utilities tab.

The rare possibility under which you will see quickbooks crashing would when you have shut down from quickbooks with windows minimized.

If this is the scenario then you would need set up your preferences. To do that follow the steps below: QuickBooks for Mac Keeps Crashing

  1. Check out the library section of your system.
  2. Click on the library’s tab and a window will appear.
  3. Click on preferences.
  4. Here you will find files with extension .plist. If you see them then drag them to the trash.
  5. Now log back to your quickbooks account again then you will see the problem resolved.

If you still face issues then you will need to get in touch with our quickbooks professionals who will then guide you on how to rectify your error. To talk to our QuickBooks proadvisors for US and Canada.