QuickBooks freezes when printing – How to Get Rid of This Issue

QuickBooks freezes when printing

QuickBooks comes equipped with some really helpful accounting and financial solutions that makes doing business so much fun, easy and less hectic. Apart from all the accounting features, one of the greatest features of QuickBooks is the ability to e-mail, fax and even print invoices, reconciliation or reports directly from the software. But at times, there arise certain issues and you might complain that “QuickBooks freezes when printing”.

QuickBooks freezes when printing: Why it occurs…?

QuickBooks freezing while printing may be due to different factors. These can be:

  • Incorrect selection of printer or
  • Incompatible printer.
  • Incompatible QuickBooks version etc.

Not installing QuickBooks updates:

After you buy QuickBooks software, it is very important to keep on installing all the latest updates of the software in order to keep enjoying all the features of QuickBooks, which includes the ability to printing too. Thus when there comes an update and you don’t install it then often times, it hinders your work and “QuickBooks freezes when printing error” becomes a common cause.

To do QuickBooks updates, here is what you can do.

  1. Click on the Help button on the top menu bar of QuickBooks.
  2. Choose Update QuickBooks.
  3. Now just wait for the update to finish.

PDF printing problem:

Your QuickBooks may freeze while printing due to some kind of PDF printing issue too. If there is any kind of communication gap between your QuickBooks software and the PDF converter, your printer may freeze. In order to fix the problem, it is suggested to get the Intuit PDF Diagnostic Tool. This tool primarily will let you identify the PDF converter in your QuickBooks software.

Older version of QuickBooks:

Just when you don’t update, your QuickBooks version becomes older. There comes a lot of compatibility issues when you don’t update. Older versions often times don’t support your current integration with QuickBooks and thus you complain QuickBooks freezes when printing. This seems like the most common error within QB. To fix the printer freezing problem, it is suggested to update your QuickBooks by following the below given steps:

To fix the printer freezing problem, it is suggested to update your QuickBooks by following the below given steps:

  1. Open QuickBooks.
  2. Select the Help button.
  3. Now scroll down to Update QuickBooks.
  4. Wait for the process to complete.

QuickBooks installation problem:

You may face printer related issues even when you update. This might be because your printer may now not support your QuickBooks version and you might want to install a new printer.

At times, while you update or install your QuickBooks software, you might make some changes that might cause printing issues. Also, integration of Windows OS with QuickBooks might also cause printing problem.

If the problem is because of QuickBooks installation, you can use the QuickBooks built-in repair feature. It will save your QuickBooks company file and the date you entered, however will make your QuickBooks absolutely blank like if it’s new.

To resolve the printer-freezing problem through QuickBooks built-in repair feature, do the following:

  1. Click on Start.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. Now click on Programs.
  4. Choose Programs and Features.
  5. After that click on the QuickBooks program from the list of all programs installed.
  6. Now select the Repair option.

Other possible errors.

  1. Default printer problem on your PC
  2. Default printer problem in QuickBooks.
  3. 64 Bit Problems

Thus check for yourself what is causing the real issue and tread with care. Though you may do the DIY yourself and figure out what is causing a problem, this may take you loads of time. Instead of focusing on your own business you might end up figuring out QuickBooks problems.

If you don’t want to lose time and money and simply want to focus on your business then we suggest you to give us a call. Our QuickBooks proadvisors remain available 24/7 to help figure out and fix your issue. Thus wait no longer and give us a call now.

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