QuickBooks Integration with ApparelMagic

QuickBooks Integration with ApparelMagic

ApparelMagic is the top choice of the Fashion Industry for effective inventory management. It is considered the best value apparel software for the fashion industry of the current time. “QuickBooks Integration with ApparelMagic” comes with magic as it helps you provide great customer service with a really affordable inventory management system.

QuickBooks ApparelMagic Integration: First-time Integration

When you QuickBooks Integration with ApparelMagic it authorizes the software users an option to send and receive data to and from QuickBooks. It thus helps you plan your finances, get reports and make use of the advanced ERP of ApparelMagic.

The integrated solution frequently:

  • Send a journal entry to the QuickBooks accounting software,
  • Utilize a large number of journal entries for accounts receivables instead of preserving the invoice details,
  • And payment details and other financial entries.

QuickBooks Integration with ApparelMagic when completely allows you to cross-identify your information. It allows to minimize the double-entry and reorders. QuickBooks with ApparelMagic handles all the crucial details between systems which includes:

  • Customers,
  • Vendors,
  • Invoices,
  • Inventory Items (SKUs),
  • Credit Memo

Initial Setup: QuickBooks Integration with ApparelMagic

QuickBooks may not be easy to understand but it is not entirely difficult. In case you face any issues with your QuickBooks accounting software then connect.

The initial settings with ApparelMagic automatically queue up all the records and transactions for posting to Quickbooks. The user interface displays:

  • What is currently ready for updating within the software,
  • What has already been posted and
  • Any items that have been rejected.

It is affordable, easily usable, and acts as a bridge that allows accelerating growth of the businesses. This all becomes possible with the fully integrated accounting platform called ApparelMagic. It authorizes the businesses to go ahead with the QuickBooks company file for communicating easily with the accountants.

Access Your Accounting Information Flawlessly

Integration of ApparelMagic with QuickBooks offers automatic syncing of the records. This integration involves everything from Customers to Vendors, Invoices to Credit Memos, and Payments to A/P Bills. The successful integration provides competency of syncing a period of activity for your Inventory, Cost Of Goods Sold Inventory Adjustments, and A/P Clearing (optional) accounts to QuickBooks like a journal entry.


  • Key Performance: Precise answers to guide your business.
  • Flexible Style Matrix: Specially designed for the fashion industry for running business flawlessly.
  • Attractive LooksBooks: New Custom form Design helps you to get control over your catalog.
  • Material Evidence: Manage key components of your styles. Sourcing, costs, inventory levels, and WIP.
  • Dual-Mode Style Costing: Purchase Mode and Cut & Sew Mode. Precise cost modeling to maximize your margins.
  • Precise Order Management: User-friendly product selection with instant displays of inventory and availability.
  • Shopify Integration: Simplifies e-commerce management by automatically updating the orders and inventory.
  • Real-time Inventory: with WIP and available to sell positions.
  • Reports & Analysis: Crunch the numbers and discover trends with the flexible tools of ApparelMagic.
  • Task Calendars: Track line schedules & client meetings. Search and update easily.
  • Built-in Form Designer: Customize printouts and reports.
  • EDI Integration: UPC management, scan, and pack features.
  • Vendor Management: Total control and visibility of your supply chain.
  • Production Control: Tracks POs and Projects with full cost actualization.
  • Powerful Purchasing: Choose manual or assisted purchasing mode or order-driven, or demand-driven purchasing.
  • Links orders to projects: Automatically issue vendor work orders.
  • Smart Raw Material Calculator: For any project or any group of customer orders. Compare requirements to current inventory.
  • Project Cost Analysis: Track actual project cost per unit. Compare production efficiency with estimates.
  • Order Fulfillment: Guide customer orders to completion with optimal control at every stage.
  • Smart Order Allocation: Process single orders or large batches.
  • Personalized Views: See all your way with ApparelMagic software.
  • Multiple WareHouses: With the advanced subscription options you can control unlimited divisions and warehouses.
  • Get Future Insights: Time-staged availability through any date.
  • Integrated Accounting: Additionally shares information with QuickBooks & Xero accounting software.
  • Charts of Accounts Management: Consultants onboard A/R, A/P, G/L and check writing.
  • Accounting Period: Manage multiple open months and control posting.

QuickBooks Integration

Though it is easy to QuickBooks Integration with ApparelMagic but requires much of the technical work, and backend. It won’t be safe to script all the steps as little negligence on your part may lead to data corruption within QuickBooks.

Thus, it is strongly advisable to either connect with your experts or give us a call. This way you are not only assured of safe integration but this may help you remain error-free.

For more information on anything related to “QuickBooks ApparelMagic integration”, you can get assistance at askforaccounting.com. Our QuickBooks Consultant will help you at every step and assure to fix your issue whenever you need it.