QuickBooks Inventory Part

QuickBooks Inventory Part VS Inventory Assembly

QuickBooks inventory part vs Inventory assembly both are similar as they both allow you to record a bunch of items as a single transaction within your sales or purchase forms. Though they are similar in one sense, they differ a lot as well. Here are some key differences.

Difference – QuickBooks Inventory Part VS Inventory Assembly

Inventory Parts

Inventory Assembly

They cannot be a part of any other group.They can be nested in a group of items.
It lets you print on your sales or purchase forms any individual entry included in the group.Only the name of the assembly will be printed and not the individual components.
If you want reports for groups then, it is not possible within inventory parts.If you want reports for Inventory assembly then they can be made available in the Standard inventory reports.
Inventory in hand is adjusted in inventory at the time of sale.They are adjusted when the assembly is built.
We calculate sales tax on the basis of each individual item that appears in the sales tax group. One code applies throughout the assembly. This is applicable even if the code differs for any item.
The inventory tracker within QuickBooks tracks every individual item presented and not the group as a whole.It tracks the whole assembly.
The Sum of the price of every item is the price of the entire group.Here the price is anything that you would specify.
Here non-taxable and taxable items both are included.Assembly is either categorized as taxable or non-taxable.