QuickBooks Keeps Asking to Change Password. How to Fix it


This is one of the query that we dealt with recently. One of our quickbooks client was facing this issue where he wasn’t able to use quickbooks as it continue to ask for password change.

QuickBooks Change Password


Recently it appeared a bug to us, but when we inquired then found out that it is the result of latest update. People were not able to use quickbooks effortlessly after the recent update. Though if this is the real cause then we cannot do anything about it as intuit will have to look into the matter.

Another possible bug

We also found that people also receive this error when they try to open up the file which is credit card protected. If this is the case with you then quickbooks will prompt you to change the password. Though it is recommended to change the password every 90 days but even if you change it, the software will still insist you to change the password.

In-order to Fix this Issue QuickBooks Keeps Asking to Change Password, you would need to follow the steps:

  1. For this you would need to make sure that your encrypted file is not damaged.
  2. If the file is not damaged then move further to deactivate credit card protection. You can do that by logging in to your quickbooks company file then:
    • Click on the companies tab,
    • Select credit protection tab,
    • Now choose to deactivate the protection.