QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts

QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts are an easy way to resolve big tasks. Using a keyboard instead of the mouse makes you more active and attentive to your work, and thus you remain more focused.

Later in this article, we will figure out the best shortcuts you can use to speed up your accounting work, thus continuing reading.

QuickBooks software is one financial management software that has received a high place of attention in the accounting management software market. Its inbuilt tools and features allow all kinds of users from myriad industries to employ the software and focus on other aspects of the business. The software helps in handling most of the accounting activities from within the program.

Another interesting feature of QuickBooks Pro and other versions is that some of the activities can be performed through certain keyboard shortcuts such as for accessing the Chart of Accounts option under the Lists menu users can click on ‘CTRL + A’ from the keyboard. Like this, there are many similar keyboard shortcuts that can be used to access different tools easily which are listed below.

List of QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts

QuickBooks keyboard shortcut
  • General
    • To get started without opening the company file – Ctrl + double-click
    • To suppress the desktop windows (at Open Company window) – Alt (while opening)
    • Display info. about QB – F2
    • Cancel – Esc
    • Record (when the black border is around the OK, Next or Previous button). – Enter key
    • Record (always) – Ctrl + Enter key
  • Dates Key
    • Next day – ‘+’ (plus key)
    • Previous day – ‘–’ (minus key)
    • Today – T
    • First day of the Week – W
    • Last day of the week – K
    • First day of the Month – M
    • Last day of the month – H
    • First day of the Year – Y
    • Last day of the year – R
    • Date calendar – Alt + down arrow
  • Editing
    • Edit transaction selected in register – Ctrl + E
    • Delete character to right of insertion point – Del
    • Delete character to left of insertion point – Backspace
    • Delete line from detail area – Ctrl + Del
    • Insert line in detail area – Ctrl + Ins
    • Cut selected characters – Ctrl + X
    • Copy selected characters – Ctrl + C
    • Paste cut or copied characters – Ctrl + V
    • Increase check or other from number by one – ‘+’ (plus key)
    • Decrease check or another form number by one – ‘–’ (minus key)
    • Undo changes made in the field – Ctrl + Z
  • Help window
    • Display Help in context – F1
    • Select next option or topic – Tab
    • Select previous option or topic – Shift + Tab
    • Display selected topic – Enter key
    • Close popup box – Esc
    • Close Help window – Esc
  • Activity
    • Account list, display – Ctrl + A
    • Check, write – Ctrl + W
    • Copy transaction in register – Ctrl + O
    • Customer:Job list, display Ctrl + J
    • Delete check, invoice, transaction, or item from the list – Ctrl + D
    • Edit lists or registers – Ctrl + E
    • QuickFill and Recall (type first few letters of name and press Tab, name fills in) abc – Tab
    • Find transaction – Ctrl + F
    • Go to register of transfer account – Ctrl + G
    • Help in context, display – F1
    • History of A/R or A/P transaction – Ctrl + H
    • Invoice, create – Ctrl + I
    • List (for current field), display – Ctrl + L
    • Memorize transaction or report – Ctrl + M
    • Memorized transaction list, display – Ctrl + T
    • New invoice, bill, check or list item – Ctrl + N
    • Paste copied transaction in register – Ctrl + V
    • Print – Ctrl + P
    • QuickZoom on report – Enter key
    • QuickReport on transaction or list item – Ctrl + Q
    • Register, display – Ctrl + R
    • Show list – Ctrl + S
    • Use list item – Ctrl + U
    • Transaction journal, display – Ctrl + Y
  • Moving around a window
    • Next field – Tab
    • Previous field – Shift + Tab
    • Report column to the right – Right arrow
    • Report column to the left – Left arrow
    • Beginning of current field – Home
    • End of current field – End
    • The line below in the detail area or on the report – Down arrow
    • The line above in the detail area or on the report – Up arrow
    • Down one screen – Page Down
    • Up to one screen – Page Up
    • Next word in the field – Ctrl + Right Arrow
    • Previous word in the field – Ctrl + Left Arrow
    • The first item on the list or previous month in register – Ctrl + PgUp
    • Last item on the list or next month in register – Ctrl + PgDn
    • Close active window – Esc

The above shortcuts will make working on QuickBooks Pro much easier. However, if there is any issue or you require any more information you should contact the knowledgeable customer Consultant team of Intuit. If you are unable to contact the customer team you can try alternative Consultant agencies. One such agency is called AskForAccounting which houses a professional Consultant team contacted through a Toll-Free Number browse the website for online chat Consultant www.askforaccounting.com.

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