QuickBooks Multi User Mode Not Working: 2 Easy fixes to Prevent this Error

QuickBooks Multi User Mode Not Working

If your QuickBooks Multi user mode not working then it actually is a cause of bigger concern for people using the program. Not only your work will be halted but the pressure of completing the work will fall on one. Thus it is very important that you have your QuickBooks working in the right order, and in case you face issues then you can ask for help any time of the day via our toll free number.

QuickBooks Multi User Mode Not Working

Though QuickBooks software is very flexible as it allows working on the program with more than one person logged in at a time but at times your multi user mode may be at fault. Since multi user window is of sheer importance to people in bigger organizations as it requires simultaneous working on the software but not everytime you find it smooth.

Since the feature has been enhanced in leaps and bounds however, the software is still quite prone to get tangled into error caused due to this feature. One such error is wherein the Multi-user mode stops working. Before we move forward with how, why and where of this issue, let’s look at some of the benefits provided by this tool:

  • Print Bills and Checks simultaneous from different user accounts.
  • Generate Invoices from Estimates and Bills from Purchase Orders.
  • With the help of Scan Check Merchant Choice of QuickBooks, user can also scan through generated checks.

As the tool is quite new, it is possible to not be able to operate it accurately, which might be the reason behind this issue. Many users have a hard time in setting up Multi-user mode and thus end up having issues with this feature. Another cause for this issue could be that the network server is disrupted and connection with the web is not stable. Thus before we can even think of fixing your QuickBooks Multi user not working error, it is important to check the list of requirements that needs to be fulfilled.

Multi User Mode Requirements

In order to access the Multi-user Mode in QuickBooks, user will require following two points to be full filled:

  • QuickBooks Multi-user License: User has two options for multi-user mode. With this the software also allows for more than one registered QuickBooks to work with each other. For multi-user mode options are as follows:
    • Purchase Multi User License
    • Add multiple users in existing license through following steps:
      • Access QuickBooks and click on Manage Licenses tab from the main menu.
      • Click on Buy Additional Licenses option and add as required.
  • One Computer System to Host QuickBooks: Dedicate one computer system which will host the software and the company file providing access to other chosen system through server.

Causes of QuickBooks Multi User Mode Not Working: 

Following is the list of causes that leads to QuickBooks Multi User Mode not working problem:

  1. As and when user adds more employees and licenses, the software starts slowing down in completing processes.
  2. If the admin account faces problems, subsequent user account might encounter issues as well.
  3. At times accessing data also takes a while.
  4. Management or functional error occurs creating issue for at least two or more users.
  5. Network server getting disrupted causing multi user mode issues.

For any help you can reach out to QuickBooks Customer care support at 1800-865-4183.

Resolution Step for QuickBooks Multi User Mode Not Working Error

QuickBooks Multi User Mode Not Working

Following is the list of solutions for how to fix Multi-User Mode error

Total Time: 25 minutes

Solution 1: Reinstall QuickBooks Software

🔹 Go to Start Icon and click on Control Panel application.
🔹 Next select Program and Features option and then locate QuickBooks from the menu.
🔹 Click on QuickBooks and then choose uninstall option.
🔹 Once the software is uninstalled, go to official website of Intuit and download the required version of QuickBooks.
🔹 Under Installation select Multi-user mode hosting option.

Solution 2: Configure the Default Setting

🔹 Access the software and click on Files option from the main menu bar.
🔹 Now from the menu of files click on Utilities and then select Host Multi-user Access option.
🔹 Next step is to add required users with the company file.
🔹 In case the multi-user mode is already enabled, user will be prompted to disable it in which they need to click on Cancel tab.
🔹 Now to protect the sensitive data, user needs to create different login credentials for different users. Now this setup is complete to be used.

Reach us for help:

The above methods should help to resolve QuickBooks Multi user mode not working error. However, if the user is still facing problems with it, they should connect with the experienced QuickBooks expert team who are trained to provide authentic support. In case they are unable to get connected with the same they can try alternative support agencies like QuickBooks Technical Support Toll Free Number – 1800-865-4183 or visit website – Askforaccounting.com for online chat support.