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Instead of landing directly to the features, let’s first have a look at the non-profit businesses:

Any business that comes up with the motto of doing better for the general public is Non-profit businesses. These businesses, in any form, are connected with the society to perform social ethics like upliftment of religion, education, science and/or prevention of woman, child and animal.

Here are some of the examples of the Non-Profit Organizations:

  1. Charity or Social Welfare Organizations
  2. Political Organizations
  3. Schools
  4. Labor Organizations and other associations.

QuickBooks Non-profit features are in addition to the existing features of QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Premier. Here are some of the additional features:

  • Pledges: You can easily create new pledges and manage it. While creating the pledge, you can easily take the record of the class, description, item, tax and amount.
  • Donations: All the payments made by e-check, cash, debit card, check or credit card
  • Products/Programs: The Products/Programs help you track specific programs or projects run with the help of nonprofit.
  • Donor Letters: With the help of QuickBooks Nonprofit (QuickBooks Enterprise/Premier), a donor’s letter can be created with the help of letter templates.
  • Customized Chart Of Accounts: A default chart of account is included in it that is specifically designed for it. However, the chart of account customization is also available as per the needs of the organization.
  • Nonprofit Reports: It means that you can access additional nonprofit reports in addition to the existing report. These reports are available in the QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise versions.

Track data Segmentation on the basis of class:

While setting up the company file initially, you can turn on the class tracking. Your assets, liabilities, income and expenses break down in different classes. You can also define different classes like administration type, grant, fundraising, funding source and location. The class categorizes the sections of the businesses and the additional information goes into sub-sections.

The only negative factor with the non-profit edition of QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Premier is that the title of the contact can’t be changed. So, all your donors will be called employees and customers within the software.

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