QuickBooks Not Saving PDF Windows 8: Not able to Save PDF after Update

Here is the query that one of our Intuit customers recently faced “QuickBooks not saving PDF windows 8” within the software. Here is what he said.

“I recently upgrad my QuickBooks older version. I am using windows 8 on my laptop. As I started working today, I experienced that I am not able to save my files as pdf. Can you please help how to fix this error?”

Well, if you are facing such an error then it is sure that you are facing QuickBooks PDF-related issues, as you might even see a message as:

“QuickBooks could not save your form as a PDF file.”

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Not Saving PDF Windows 8

Follow the below-given steps and instructions to solve the QuickBooks PDF issue.

Step 1: Save File Again

  • You can try to save the file again.
  • Machines like humans are not 100% correct.
  • There are certain bugs that programs face that cannot be explained.
  • Thus saving the file again or closing the software and opening it back may sometimes fix the issue.

Step 2: Print Preview Format

  • Another thing you can try is viewing your file in a print preview format.
  • If you can see that in a display window then sure it is a PDF error within QuickBooks, but if not then your printer may be at fault.

Step 3: Check Version

  • Within your QuickBooks accounting dashboard, press the F2 key and this will tell you the QuickBooks version.
  • Mostly it is seen that the problem occurs due to incompatibility because of using an older version.
  • Try updating the software if it is old.

If even after trying, you are still not able to fix your issue with QuickBooks Not Saving PDF and QuickBooks PDF error Irfanview then you will have to get some expert help.

To get in touch with them you will have to dial our QuickBooks error Consultant number. Our QuickBooks Experts will provide you with all the Consultant and offer you help instantly.

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