QuickBooks Online Payment Integration- Credit, Debit Cards

QuickBooks accounting software that is loaded with advanced features and tools can make your work a lot easier with QuickBooks Online payment Integration.

A credit card processing terminal is a novel practice that is being adopted by most businesses at the current time. The software itself is recommended specifically for small and medium-sized companies and it helps in saving both time and money.

It is recommended for businesses of all sizes and sectors. The software accepts credit and debit cards and integrates directly with QuickBooks Payments merchant services. It gives permission to do online transactions while keeping other QuickBooks payment gateway options open to clients and customers can travel along to assist your SMBs.

How QuickBooks Online Payment Integration can be Done with Ease

In order to trace Credit card entries within your QuickBooks online, you would need to.

  • Open QuickBooks Online version
  • Select Plus (+) >> Receive Payment. Click on Show more if you fail to see this.
  • Once you have successfully entered all the appropriate payment information
  • Enter a check next to the invoice you would like the payment to post.
  • Choose Undeposited funds as the account for Deposit >> Click Save.
  • Select Plus (+) > Bank Deposits.
  • View the payment you entered at the top in the Payments section.
  • Insert a checkmark to choose the payment to deposit.
  • Go to the New Deposits section -> Under it enters the fee charged to you by the credit card company as a negative amount.
  • Choose the Expense account you use to track these fees.
  • Check that the deposit amount is entered correctly.
  • Click Save once you are done.

The above steps will help you get your software integrated with your credit card company. Thus not only you will be able to get your Credit card transactions imported but will be able to analyze all your data within QuickBooks with ease.

How Online Payment has Made Things Easy?

With the help of QuickBooks Online payment integration, accepting payments becomes twice faster and easy. You can easily accept credit cards and free bank transfer payments and also track everything in one place.

  • Quick & Easy Payments: You can be paid while accepting payments via credit cards or free bank transfers.
  • Fetch Instant Notifications: You can send reminders and get alerts in real-time to inform you about the customers view and invoice payment.
  • Faster Access to Funds: The QuickBooks application transfers payments to the customers automatically and successfully to the bank account.
  • Business Growth & Save Time and Money: With the payment integration the process is automatically carried out that saving an abundance of time and business money. Further, this time can be used in other business priorities that can result in significant growth in business.
  • Easily available navigation panel in QuickBooks to guide you to the features: The integration offers a user-friendly dashboard with easily usable buttons that help in smooth and quick access to the payment functionality.

In case you have any doubt or you are unable to get your QuickBooks Online integration payment done then you may want to reach out to us. For any queries, you can connect with the QuickBooks customer care consultant team.

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