QuickBooks Pay Stub Online

Let’s start our article about the “QuickBooks Pay Stub Online“. Within QuickBooks, you have the privilege to pay stubs online. This you can do by simply making use of the email function within the program and sending direct mail to your staff.

The mail sent is then delivered “protected by password”. Thus the safety and security of the employee and his details are always maintained. Employees can then simply save and print the file from their PC and thus QuickBooks will serve the stubs online.

How you Can QuickBooks Pay Stub Online

The very first thing you would need to do is to verify the email which will be used to send stubs. If you haven’t verified the email already or if the email settings are not yet set then follow the steps along.

  • From the top navigation menu, click on the Edit button.
  • The drop-down button that appears, click on the preferences tab from there.
  • From the left navigation bar, click over the send forms tab.
  • Hit the “My preferences” button and click over the Send email button.
  • Now you will be asked to select from one of the many service providers. Choose the one that you are already using to send emails. It can be:
    • Gmail,
    • Yandex,
    • Yahoo.
  • Try sending a Test mail, just to verify if that works. If all goes fine then head over to the next step.
  • Before proceeding forward, make sure that you are not on a shared network.
  • Now navigate to the pay stubs tab within QuickBooks.
  • You can do that by clicking on the Files tab at the top of the navigation menu and choosing Print forms.
  • Here you can verify the bank account details if they are correct or not.
  • If you want any edits then you will be able to do that here.
  • Check out the date range for which you want to include the stubs.
  • Now the next step would be to choose the names of the people you want to send out pay stubs via email.
  • You can even view the preview button that will help you view the stub before emailing it to your sender.
  • When you feel that everything is right then choose the email ids of your emails.
  • Since the stubs when paid online are all password protected thus you will have to make sure that you email the passwords as well.
  • Just to make sure, QuickBooks generates the password automatically.
  • You would just need to copy and paste that into the email.
  • Click send when you find everything correct and your pay stub will be sent.
  • To check if you have successfully sent all the emails, do the following:
    • Click on the Employee centers tab,
    • Now on the far right of the screen, click on the employee information tab.
    • On the window that appears, you will now see “Sent emails”. Click on that and you will see the list of emails to which the stubs have been sent.

Following the steps above you will be able to successfully pay stubs online in a safer environment.

But if in case you still have issues and want to know more about “QuickBooks pay stub online” then give us a call now. You can even give us a call at our Intuit QuickBooks Consultant phone number in Canada and talk to our Experts now.