QuickBooks Paypal Integration

QuickBooks Paypal Integration: Integrate and Import Transactions with ease

This allows you to accept credit card, debit card, and bank transfer payments for your QuickBooks invoices hassle-free. “QuickBooks Paypal integration” allows one-way integration of data with PayPal that sync’s the transactions of users from PayPal into QuickBooks.

QuickBooks, the number one financial management software not only is loaded with advanced features and tools but also authorizes the users for smooth integration with the payment gateways. When your QB account successfully gets integrated with Paypal then every activity within your Paypal account gets monitored within QuickBooks. The QuickBooks Paypal Integration can be discovered on apps.intuit.com, or through the application tab in your QuickBooks Online account.

QuickBooks Online Paypal Integration: How does it work?

  • Login to your QuickBooks company file.
  • From the left of your screen, click on the apps button.
  • Locate for the Sync with PayPal app.
  • Choose the app and click the Get App Now button.
  • If you are running multiple companies within your QuickBooks account then choose the one that you want to integrate with your Paypal too.
  • Authorize the app to connect to your QuickBooks Online.
  • To set up the app settings follow the rest of the steps to connect.

Ways to QuickBooks Paypal Integration

  • Add PayPal customers to QuickBooks Online.
  • Create QuickBooks invoices for clients with PayPal Sales.
  • Add sales receipt in QuickBooks Online for PayPal sales
  • Create QuickBooks invoices from PayPal sales.
  • Create QuickBooks sales receipts for PayPal sales.

How will QuickBooks Account get PayPal Transactions?

In the authorization screen, you would want to connect with the Paypal button. This will authorize Paypal to integrate and sync all your data with your QuickBooks account.

When all is done, try fetching data from your Paypal account to your QuickBooks account. If you are still looking for ways how to do that then click on the gear icon and choose to click on the Paypal button that is now finally created. Follow the prompts and you will be able to fetch data within QuickBooks.

Benefits of Paypal & QuickBooks Integration

  • Easy & Instant Payment: Not only invoices can be sent with ease but you can easily make payments as well via QuickBooks. If your QB account is integrated with Paypal then clicking on the pay now button will authorize you to make payments. This can be done either through a card or bank transfer.
  • Automatic Recording: You can easily accept Payments with PayPal is incorporated with QuickBooks. Entire payments are collected for QuickBooks invoices, and the PayPal transaction fees, are recorded automatically into the chosen account.
  • Save More Accounting Time: You can accept payments via PayPal that assure your QuickBooks invoice payments and transaction fees are automatically recorded and categorized accordingly in books.
  • Get Paid Quickly & Improve Cash Flow: You will be benefited from twice faster payments by using Accept Payments with PayPal. The customer receives their invoice once the work is done payment can be done in no time.

If you are now able to do that then rest assured of your QuickBooks Paypal Integration, but if it shows issues then you would need to ask for its help to reconcile Paypal transactions in QBO. You can give a call to our QuickBooks Consultant Experts at their toll-free helpline number.