QuickBooks Payroll Not Withholding Taxes


Before jumping  on to the query of why quickbooks payroll not withheld taxes, we would first like to answer, “What really affects them…?”


QuickBooks Payroll Not Withholding Taxes

The total amount of tax withheld from the paychecks of employees depends on the following below given factors:

  • It really depends on their overall pay
  • Filing status is really an important factor,
  • It is also seen, how many claimed allowances they have in their name,
  • And last but certainly not the least is what is the frequency of their pay,

If the income tax is not withheld for any reason from the paycheck of employees then the greater possibility can be the pay or the tax status of the employee. If the employee/worker is married with kids or has paid more than once then it is very likely that their taxable income is not being met to have IT withheld.

Other possibility

The other greater possibility can be that the tax status of the employees payroll has been checked to “Don’t withhold”. If this is the case then the employees payroll will not be held. This usually happens when the worker expresses his strong desire for an exemption from withholding taxes.

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