QuickBooks PDF Save Error Irfanview

QuickBooks PDF Save Error Irfanview

Learn the causes, what is the reason and how to fix “QuickBooks PDF Save Error Irfanview“. When using third party software with QuickBooks, users have often encountered errors. While using Irfanview, users have reported errors when they tried to save a file, print a document to pdf, or make changes to invoice or payroll data. There are multiple error messages that can be displayed because of the same, but the underlying cause for all of them is the same.

QuickBooks PDF Save Error (Irfanview)

QuickBooks PDF Save Error is one of the common error, which usually occurs while saving the file, invoice, payroll, through third-party software such as Irfanview. The error message you can see on the screen is “File does not begin with %PDF” or “Error: Failed to Save”.

Reason Behind the QuickBooks PDF Save Error Irfanview

  • The primary cause of Irfanview PDF save error is conflicts with other software
  • Registry has been damaged, especially the ones related to PDF viewing.

How to Fix QuickBooks PDF Save Error Irfanview

pdf save error Irfanview

To resolve this error, you can follow the steps provided below:

Total Time: 10 minutes

Step 1:

🔹 When you’re trying to save a file as PDF, ensure that the correct file format is selected.

Step 2:

🔹 Open your browser

Step 3:

🔹Go to settings

Step 4:

🔹 Enable ‘Ask Before Save’

Step 5:

🔹 Launch Adobe Reader

Step 6:

🔹 Go to Settings

Step 7:

🔹 Disable the option for ‘Open PDF in Browser.

You can try to reinstall Irfanview if the above method does not resolve the error. Although Irfanview isn’t essential for QuickBooks, it is one of the best plugins available because it can be used as an editor, image viewer, organizer, and file converter.

Once you install IrfanView on your system, you need to authorize it though an admin account to be able to use it with your accounting software. To know more, or for any help with resolving this error, feel free to get in touch with our QuickBooks error support.