QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 Update

QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 Update

In this article, you read how to “update QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013“. Sometimes the initial setup of the software, although consisting of many sophisticated and needed tools and features, still is considered to be incomplete as there are certain blanks not only in the feature set but also in the security. To fill these gaps companies come out with updates at intervals to regulate the software in order to make it more efficient.

All software is designed with aim of providing maximum efficiency and effectiveness to the user from the respective software. However, it is also imperative for the user to keep their software updated and upgraded to the latest version and with the latest tool as well as security patches.

Experience Innovative Features and Integrate Powerful Tools with QuickBooks POS Software:

Intuit has always ensured that the software upgrades it brings out every year enhance, both, the software usability and experience of the user by adding in more innovative features and integrating powerful tools. The company outfits the new upgraded version of its software with applications and programs that had to be bought by the customer previously for some specific functions.

The same is the case for QuickBooks Point of Sale software. Since the inception of Point of Sale software under the banner of QuickBooks, Intuit has ensured all the requirements and needs of businesses with Point of Sale are met with equal support from the superior customer care team. Upgrades to the next version of the software are a sure-shot way of garnering the best of both utility and support.

Another thing to keep in mind is to stay up to date with the small updates released by Intuit. For QuickBooks point of sale 2013 two main updates have been released by the name Update QB Point of Sale R11 and Update R12 of which main changes are listed below:

Update R12 Main Changes : QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 Update


  • Point of Sale will no longer return an error if the backup screen is clicked on while the backup is taking place
  • Point of Sale will no longer become unresponsive when the ‘Company Operations’ window is open and the program is clicked on
  • The Connection Wizard will now assist in connecting client workstations to the server
  • Client can now be updated automatically if client is trying to connect to a server of higher release
  • Help section will now show correctly in all windows
  • Point of Sale Add-ons developed by third party developers will no longer timeout on REST Queries
  • Operating System information now being reported correctly when participating in the Analytics Study

QuickBooks Point of Sale R11 Update Main Changes


  • A new company file can now have a period at the end of the name.
  • When opening Point of Sale error message “Value cannot be null. Parameters” will no longer occur.
  • Usage and Analytic Study added.
  • Point of Sale Addons developed by third party developers will no longer timeout on REST Queries.


  • Customer Statistics window now has accurate data.
  • Will no longer give an error when adding a customer with multiple email addresses to a sales receipt.

Sales, Purchasing and Items

  • When selecting Item Detail in Item List it will appear without additional delay.
  • Correct item will now display and print when printing tags from the Item List.
  • Will no longer give an error when changing Price Level on a Unit of Measure item.
  • Search results now show correct item details.
  • Open PO view from Homepage now takes you to the Open PO list.

Multi Store Functionality

  • Remote Store will now prompt when scanning an unrecognized item.
  • Reward symbol now displays at remote store.

Financial Exchange

  • Will no longer give an error when sending a return receipt with group items to QuickBooks.


  • Cursor will now default to the swipe field when taking a debit card as form of payment

Sales, Purchasing and Items

  • Multiple instances of Purchase Order will no longer occur
  • Customer history can now be viewed from the sales receipt
  • Selecting a sales receipt from customer history will no longer return an error
  • The correct Purchase Order will now show when accessing Purchase Orders from the Sales Order list
  • Selecting Purchase Order from the ‘In progress’ menu will now display the new Purchase Order instead of the Purchase Order list


  • Customer history and statistics will now display correctly when creating a new customer
  • All Displayed Customers’ will now display accurate information when exporting customers to Excel
  • Customer Type’ field will no longer truncate types with more than sixteen characters.

Employee Security

  • Employee Security now displays the correct help topic
  • Description of security right will now display when a Security Right is selected
  • Employee security group can no longer make changes to store account settings

Financial Exchange

  • Point of Sale will no longer become unresponsive when exchanging data with QuickBooks for larger Point of Sale data files
  • The full item description from the Point of Sale receipt will now be sent to QuickBooks in the financial exchange.

Mobile Sync

  • Non-taxable items sold on mobile devices will no longer cause an ‘Unbalanced Payment’ error in the financial exchange and will send successfully to QuickBooks.
  • “Value cannot be null. Parameters” will no longer be returned when running a mobile sync.
Get in Touch with QB Certified Expert Team for any instant Support:

Getting these updates installed and set up with your QuickBooks Point of Sale software will demolish a significant number of errors and issues faced with the QuickBooks Point of Sale 2012 and initial 2013 setup. However, at certain points, technical glitches can cause interruption and stop updates from getting installed.

In such a case the best option is to call and connect with the QuickBooks POS Support experts at +1888-461-1609. Setup by Intuit who has commanded only the best and professional technicians to help deal with this issue. In a scenario where the customer care is not getting connected due to the long queue, you can alternatively call us on our Toll-Free Number or connect with live chat through the website.