QuickBooks POS Support 2018


QuickBooks POS Support is an exclusive service specially meant for the business using point of sale 2018 and older versions of it. If you are a POS user and is continuously facing bugs with your software then get QuickBooks point of sale support is recommended for you.

QuickBooks desktop point-of-sale helps retail businesses with some of the biggest challenges they face such as:

  • Ringing up sales keeping,
  • Tracking of customers,
  • Managing your inventory and then at the end of the day getting all those key insights related to your POS data.

QuickBooks financial software which is a key requirement of any point-of-sale is to ring up customers quickly and efficiently with desktop POS.

We let you ring it up customers on:

  • Desktop PC,
  • Laptop or even walk around the store with a Microsoft Surface pro.

QuickBooks POS Support 2018

So what does ringing up a sale look like:


Let’s take a look on our home screen:

QuickBooks POS Support 2018

If we click on make a sale you’ll notice there’s three key ways you can enter an inventory item.

  • First and most popular we can scan an item.
  • If a barcode is damaged or has fallen off of an item you can key in the item information up top.
  • You can even select the item from your inventory drop-down.

Adding a Customer in QuickBooks POS

Now let’s add a customer to the sale. Though there is nothing technical about the same but still if you face issues then dial tollfree at QuickBooks POS Support

QuickBooks pos support: How to add customer

This can be helpful so that we can understand what customers are coming in on a regular basis and what items have they purchased from us in the past. We can then also enroll them in rewards and loyalty programs to keep them coming back in the store.

Now we’re ready to check out the customer, you’ll notice several forms of payment methods we have:

  • You can charge a customer’s account and send them an invoice later out of QuickBooks.
  • You can even have integrated credit card processing which is the key benefit of the point-of-sale. The amount on the screen is automatically sent to your credit card processing equipment. This way it can help reduce mistakes and thus helps you to automatically bill.

Thus let’s go ahead and see how that looks when we click on the credit card again.

QuickBooks pos support: Credit card usage

Here the amount pops up we can authorize the credit card which then asks you to swipe the card in the machine or dip the chip. You can then verify the amount is correct and the card authorizes.

Managing inventory in QuickBooks POS 2018

Now that we’re ringing up sales how we keep the most important items in stock that customers want the most. Well, we make managing inventory very simple under inventory. If you need help with the program then dial for QuickBooks POS Support now.

QuickBooks POS Support: Managing inventory

Here you’ll notice the item list, first of all here’s the list of all the items you sell. From this screen you can add a new item or you can make important edits to your current items like:

  • Updating a price point,
  • A vendor change or
  • If you happen to carry things like shoes and clothing then you can update different sizes and style variations.

Purchase Order in QuickBooks POS 2018

Now, if we go to purchasing and you’ll notice in the drop-down there’s a suggested purchase order button…

QuickBooks POS Support: Purchase Order

What this does is it looks across all your items in point of sale finds what items you’re low on and let you know what you need to reorder.

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Such is the beauty of the program of QuickBooks POS Support 2018. If you are using an older version of the program then you might now already know what you are already missing. If you need any kind of help with QuickBooks POS 2018 version then ask for help now.

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