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QSR, Quick Service Restaurants, speaks for the largest section under Foodservice and hospitality sector having about 2,00,000 restaurants under its wings along with boasting about $150 billion in the sales department in just the United States of America alone. This industry is based on the principle of providing high-quality food along with the quantity to ordered places in the least amount of time. Furthermore, they are comparatively priced lower than the competitors who follow the sit-down table process. This sector, however, is also riddled with issues some of which are.

  • Market saturation to great extent.
  • Labor and Food cost rising gradually.
  • Health issues connected with this industry.
  • Perpetual increase in Fast Casual Restaurants.

One way to manage the Quick Service Restaurant industry and subsequently deal with the above-listed issues is by using top-quality software that can further define the process and streamline small activities in the restaurant to a great extent. One such software is Point of Sale which basically helps to track sales activities and manage inventories of the business.

QSR Point of Sale software by QuickBooks allows users to maintain bills and orders along with relevant accounts, production details, and wasted resources in a completely uninterrupted and secured manner. Enhance the experience of your customers in dealing with you by providing them with the gateway of checking out anywhere and anytime through QuickBooks Point of Sale software for iPad, Android, and web portal. You can now carry the whole of your business in your palm.

QuickBooks’ Quick Service Restaurant Point of Sale software garners more control and hold over the pending orders and stock arrangement through its ever efficient and intuitive dashboard, powerful tools, and also showcasing of customer details. With QB POS you are assured of authenticity, reliability, and an astounding number of customer relation tools that will impact your business positively by enhancing customer satisfaction and resulting in higher growth of the restaurant.

In this fast saturation-achieving industry of Quick Service Restaurants, it is imperative for any and every business to remain at the top of their game and always have a backup plan to control the edge of advantage. QuickBooks POS is structured to provide and hold this advantage for you. Some of the benefits that users garner by employing this software are:

  • Fastest for Quick Service Restaurant: The iOS and Android designs for the QuickBooks POS system are structured to provide the fastest services with the lowest range of server downtime. Users can easily manage multiple functions like adjusting menu screen, instant changes in the functions as per business needs, and integrating with other programs and software without much hassle. In fact, the user can integrate top-quality display systems for their kitchen in order to have better control over what is happening there.
  • Initiate Feasible Combos to Increase Sale: The QuickBooks’ Quick Service Restaurant Point of Sale software helps in developing effective strategies by providing all the details regarding the restaurant business under one window. This way users can look through their standing in the industry and make different combinations of plans that will undoubtedly help to increase sales by capturing required attraction from customers.

Advantages of AskForAccounting EPOS Systems

  • Round the Clock Reporting from Anywhere
  • Manage Business Activities from One Platform
  • Tight Security Guaranteed for Activities Processes through Cloud
  • Flexible and Comprehensive Solutions as Restaurant Grow
  • Zero to Minimum Level of Server Drop Down
  • Seamless Integrations with Third-Party Programs
  • Top-Notch in-built CRM to Enhance Customer Experience
  • Technical Consultant Assurance within Stipulated Time Period

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