QuickBooks Shipping Manager Not Working: Shipping Manager Database Error

QuickBooks Shipping Manager Not Working

Accounting program like QuickBooks is convenient not only because of its capabilities in managing finances but because of its flexibility to be used anywhere. It is no longer limited to a single industry but is being widely used everywhere. In-fact you can power-up QB by integrating the program with certain 3rd applications.

Use QuickBooks Shipping Manager

Shipping manager is one such program that can boost your performance. Today people are using QuickBooks to manage their businesses which include:

  • Bars,
  • Coffee Shops,
  • Convenience stores,
  • Food trucks,
  • Events,
  • Liquor stores,
  • Vape Shops,
  • Restaurants,
  • Fashion retail and more.

Thus, it is no longer industry specific. In fact, you might get confused on choosing the platform but you will never run out of options, such is the beauty of the program. But there can be times when you may report that QuickBooks shipping manager not working then below is how you would be troubleshooting:


As said already that you can use QuickBooks in highly productive ways and to do so, you would need to use add-ons. They are little plugins of codes that add to the functionality of your program. Shipping manager is one such app that you buy as an add-on to manage your shipping business.

Reason QuickBooks Shipping Manager Not Working

If you are already using the add-on to manage your shipping business and if the app is not working for some reason then you will see an error like:

  • You may be accessing shipping manager from client’s computer.
  • You may have corrupted database.
  • QuickBooks may be at fault.
“The Database Manager is newer than the app itself. Resolve this issue.”

Here is what you can do to Fix your Issue QuickBooks Shipping Manager Not Working

If you are facing shipping manager error while working on QuickBooks Desktop then follow the steps given below:

  1. The very first thing you would need to do is logout from the application. If you are already using QuickBooks, then closing the program is recommended.
  2. Now head over to the below-given path and Change the name of the folder. If the folder is named like Xyz then replace it with XyzOLD. This will help you identify between Old and New folders. Here is a path to find Shipping Manager folder:
    • Head over to your C drive,
    • Double click on the Program Files,
    • Now choose the company file and click over the Intuit folder,
    • Here is where you will see the Shipping Manager folder.
    • Rename the folder by placing OLD in the end.
  3. Run the Installation Wizard: Here you will need to run the repair tool, uninstall the program and then Re-install it. This will help you repair any error you are facing within the program. The way you can do this is by:
    • Creating and securing your backup. If you are facing any issues while creating backup
    • Once the backup has been secured, now from the Start menu, click on the control panel tab.
    • Uninstall the program using Programs tab. This you can do by clicking on the program named “QuickBooks” and choosing to uninstall the program.
    • When the uninstall is finished, you will receive a message. Click OK and then Next.
    • Finish the task.
  4. Reinstall QuickBooks:
  1. Now that you are done with the installation process, open the program.
  2. Head over to the files menu and select from the options like UPS shipping or FedEx shipping.
  3. Hit the settings tab and re-enter your credentials.
  4. Hit apply changes and you should be fine.

When you are all done then you should face no issues now. But if you still see the same error again then there must be some issue going on with your QuickBooks account. It’s better to contact QuickBooks ProAdvisor at their toll-free number then to keep on experimenting yourself, which might, later on, leave you in trouble.

You can even give us a call at our QuickBooks Intuit Support number or live chat to our ProAdvisor now.