QuickBooks: The System Cannot find the Path Specified. 7 steps to fix your issue.

QuickBooks is a world renowned accounting software than can be used for not only recording transactions but also for analyzing them. This is one of the most important features of this accounting software. With QB, users can easily generate and print multiple reports. Accounting data is stored in separate company files. You can create multiple company files for managing your or your client’s books. But the problem arise when QuickBooks is not able to access your files. This is when you see a message “QuickBooks: The system cannot find the path specified”.

Are you a Quickbooks user?

Why the error occurs…?

This error often occurs when users are trying to import or open a file for which the specified file path is incorrect. This error is quite easy to fix. While importing a new file, just click on browse and select the file yourself that you want to import. Sometimes the default path is broken due to which this error can arise.

Error While opening QB company file

If you are encountering this error while opening a particular file then the path specified for that company file might be wrong. You need to reset the path by following the steps provided below:

  1. Open QuickBooks,
  2. Select Open or restore an existing company,
  3. Click on Open a company file tab. This will open your company’s books.
  4. Click on next tab and choose to locate your file in the new window,
  5. Go to the location and personally select the company file,
  6. Click on Open the file.
  7. Login with correct credentials.

You have successfully reset the path of the company file. Doing this will automatically repair the path for the company file for which the error was arising. While browsing for the correct path, you can also copy the path prior to opening QB. This will enable you to easily spot the company file in case you have changed its location.

Also, if a file is being used by some other software, then QB might not be able to open it. For removing any such issue restart your computer. If the file is still being used by another software then you might have some virus or malware on your system. Download and install a good security software and do a complete system scan. Once the scan is complete, restart your program.

Still, can’t resolve this error?

Give us a call. Our certified QB experts can easily troubleshoot and fix this issue for you. Further, they can optimize the whole software so that you may not have to face such errors ever again.

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