QuickBooks Unable to Send Email

QuickBooks Unable to Send Email

This article will give you the solution on how to resolve the “QuickBooks Unable to Send Email“, and “QuickBooks Email Error“. QuickBooks have made life easier for business owners with its various features and functions.

While the software is user-friendly there are also at times glitches that the user faces, just like when QuickBooks is unable to send Emails. But the glitches like such should not stop you from using QuickBooks. The program helps you in sending emails directly from the software via attaching reports, invoices, and other docs and sending them to their clients, customers, suppliers, etc.

So once you decide to start using QuickBooks for mails there are several options for email integration like web Mail, Outlook, and QuickBooks E-mail. But as discussed already that there certain issues that people face at times.

Causes QuickBooks Unable to Send Email to Outlook

This error occurs when you try to send mail to Outlook with QuickBooks. The cause of the error can be due to any of the following reasons

  • Email preferences had been set up incorrectly
  • dll file is flawed
  • QB running as administrator
  • Installation of the QuickBooks is improper
  • Outlook has been installed improperly
  • Outlook is open in the background while you are trying to email through QuickBooks.

Solution to Fix Issue QuickBooks Unable to Send Email and QuickBooks Email Error

QuickBooks Unable to Send Email

Follow all instructions and steps…

Total Time: 20 minutes

Step 1: Check that QuickBooks is not running as an administrator

🔹 Open QuickBooks and then go to Properties.
🔹 Select and click on Properties
🔹 Select the Compatibility Tab
🔹 Next you have to deselect Run this program as Administrator
🔹 Click on OK
🔹 Next restart QuickBooks

Step 2: Correct the email preferences set up in QuickBooks

🔹 Open QuickBooks
🔹 Look for the Edit and click on it
🔹 Next select Preferences
🔹 From there select and click on Send Forms
🔹 Click on My Preference button
🔹 Next in the Send e-mail decide the option you want to use and click on OK
🔹 To set preference is correctly
🔹 Select Edit > Preferences > Send Forms
🔹 Click My Preference tab > Choose QuickBooks Email and then click on OK
🔹 Select Edit > Preferences
🔹 Next go to Outlook and click on OK
🔹 Next you should close QuickBooks
🔹 Next restart your Windows
🔹 Then restart your QuickBooks
🔹 Now try to send the email and report

Step 3: Correct the email preference set up in Internet Explorer

🔹 First close the QuickBooks that you have opened
🔹 Next open the Internet Explorer
🔹 Click on Tools > Internet Options
🔹 Click on the Programs tab
🔹 Select the correct email as the default email program. Next, click on Apply and then click on OK
🔹 Next close the Internet Explorer
🔹 Then open QuickBooks
🔹 Try to mail the report you have attempted earlier

Step 4: Uninstall QuickBooks

🔹 Uninstall QuickBooks and do a clean reinstallation of the software.

Can’t Email from QuickBooks Pro 2015 using Outlook through Office 2013

  • Go to Edit > Preferences > Send Forms
  • Under My Preferences select Web Mail
  • Enter your email and server info

How to Set up Email in QuickBooks

  • Choose the email method
  • Open and click the Setup my email now icon
  • On the left side from the Preference window > select Send Forms
  • Choose My Preferences button and click Add
  • Add Email will have the following options:
  • Enter your Gmail address in the Email ID
  • Select the Gmail in the Email Provider drop-down list
  • Then Click on OK
  • You can set the Gmail account as the default e-mail id then click on OK
  • Now try to email a transaction.

Fixing QuickBooks Gmail issue

  • Check QuickBooks email options
  • Set up Gmail properly in QuickBooks
  • Try to sent invoice via Gmail. In case of any complain regarding QuickBooks Gmail not working, dial us toll free.

If you still face issues and still complaining about QuickBooks being unable to send Emails, then you can always get in touch with our Ask for Accounting QuickBooks Error Support Technical Helpdesk now.

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