QuickBooks Will Not Email Invoices


This is basically an error within QuickBooks that happens when your email settings are not correct. This may also be the result of your .DLL file being damaged. In-order to resolve your issue you would need to first make sure that your that your QuickBooks account is not running as an administrator and you are running it with your own credentials. If you are already running it as a user then try these following steps in-order to resolve your issue.

Ensure that your Email Preferences are Correct within your Browser:

  • In-order to check your email preferences within your browser such as Internet explorer or Chrome, you would need to first close your QuickBooks accounts.
  • Now open up your web browser, in our case we will take Internet explorer.
  • From the tools tab, click on the internet options.
  • Now click on the programs button.
  • Under the email sections tab, make sure the correct email provider is selected. For eg, if you are using an account with Gmail then Gmail is selected as default. If this is not already then correct the field and hit apply.
  • Close then browser and open up your QuickBooks accounts.
  • Now try to send the email from QuickBooks. It should go through now. But if you still face issues then try to repair your damaged .DLL file.

Repair .DLL File:

  • In-order to repair the damaged file you would need to work on windows. Thus click close all the programs that are running.
  • Now click on the My Computers icon. If you don’t find that on your desktop then navigate like: Start button > Computer > My computer.
  • Now goto your C drive and then click windows.
  • Head over the section where it says System 32.
  • Right click on the Fixmapi.exe file and click on “Open” on the dialogue box that appears. Now you will get a set of instructions, just follow them.
  • After the process is done, you would now need to Reboot the computer.
  • Try send your invoices again and they will work fine.

If you find it hard to fix the error QuickBooks Gmail not working and QuickBooks Will Not Email Invoices speak with QuickBooks support team. In-order to chat with our QuickBooks experts dial us at our QuickBooks error support phone number and raise your issue.