Ransomware ‘WannaCry’ and QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks Point of Sale software is one of the most powerful and highly secure software designed to provide reliable and accurate Point of Sale services as per the needs and requirements of the business. However, despite being so dynamic many QuickBooks POS users have complained about being under the threat of recent Ransomware ‘WannaCry’ attack. There are multiple plausible reasons for this which we will delve into after we thoroughly understand the malicious attack by the malware categorized as Ransomware.

Familiarize Yourself with Ransomware WannaCry :

There are two studies – one which advocate “Ignorance is Bliss” and another which insists upon “Knowledge is Power”. Where technology and Internet is concerned it is prudent to follow second study especially with prevalence of Ransomware WannaCry. Ransomware is basically a type of malware which in itself consist of different categories. WannaCry is an encrypting ransomware which is identified as the worst possible category of malware that attacked different versions of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. The effect of this malware is horrendous and nightmarish as it basically encrypts all the data on files like documents, excel, QuickBooks POS data file, pictures and videos with an encryption key that is complicated enough to not decrypt for many years and demand a ransom amount within stipulated time period.

Considering its improbability of getting cured it is recommended to caution oneself than wait for encryption to happen and then look for a solution. For the users with QuickBooks Point of Sale software, Intuit has come up with a tool that can help them in long run by the name of Intuit Data Protect.

Intuit Data Protect

It is a backup tool that basically minimizes the damage caused by encryption of the data as the backup outside of a system is one of the only routes that the Ransomware malware has yet to conquer. This tool basically backups all the data and store it into an out of band safe location. It securely keeps the essential QuickBooks Point of Sale data online. All the user need to do is setup the tool once which then creates backup in an offsite location as per the frequency set by the user without interfering in the daily work.

Precaution against WannaCry :

Apart from setting up Intuit Data Protect tool, there are certain other processes that the user can setup for securing the Point of Sale data from the ever intrusive and dangerous WannaCry Ransomware that noted below:

  • Get enlightened. Those dealing with computers on regular basis needs to be aware about malicious programs as much as possible. Gaining knowledge about the malware is the only way to protect oneself.
  • Be Updated with Antivirus and other security software. Ensure all your software, especially the ones dealing with data protection, are updated with latest releases and upgraded to latest versions.
  • Stay away from unknown. As we generally tell our families not to talk to strangers, it’s same with emails, attachments, links and websites. If you get suspicious about any link and attachment send from an unknown source, it is prudent not to click and open it.
  • Numerous Alternative Backups. Try to garner as many backups of your precious data as possible. Furthermore store them in different location, both online and Offline. In the long run it will only benefit as no amount of backup is number enough.
  • Disconnect hard drive. Never leave your hard drives connected to the system as if the computer gets infected it will only take moments to infect all the sources connected to the PC. If you are taking a backup of your data on hard drive then connect it only when the backup is going on.Ransomware on posFrom all the knowledge that has been gathered about the WannaCry Ransomware, one thing that is clear is if your system is not infected then take as many precautions to safeguard your imperative data file of QuickBooks Point of Sale software as possible. Caution your colleagues to do same as if your system is joined with them through server it is possible to get the malware infection through this connection.

Get Experts Guide and Support for 24×7 :

If you are still think that you might get hacked then just do one thing visit www.myqbpos.com and find there our online experts with them you can consult about your worries on ‘live chat’ option or you may also dial our expert support help-desk on +1-800-274-4168 to get instant superior support and guidance by our QB certified experts.


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