QuickBooks Won’t Open Company File

QuickBooks will always throw an error if the data file cannot be read properly. Due to various reasons, QB may not be able to render and read the data file that the user selected. In such scenarios, the software will crash and throw an error. Sometimes the error thrown may read something like “QuickBooks Won’t Open Company File”.

The error that is thrown consists of an error code and an error message. The error code can be quite useful when dealing with complex QuickBooks errors. It is only with the help of these very issues that one is able to judge how to fix the problem.

Why QuickBooks Won’t Open Company File

For the following reasons, you could be unable to open the Company file on the QuickBooks desktop.

  • A damaged or corrupt QuickBooks Company file.
  • Applying incorrect techniques to open specific file types.
  • On the shared network, the file has already been opened by another user.
  • Multiple windows that are automatically opened, large files, and reports could all freeze. Quickbooks
  • Using the wrong version of QuickBooks to open files.
  • Accessibility restrictions, compressed or encrypted files, naming and extension issues, and data corruption are just a few of the challenges that can arise.

What to Do When QuickBooks Won’t Open Your Company File

Learn how to solve common issues when your company file won’t open. Here are various solutions to usual issues:

Step-1: QuickBooks Update

Step-2: Examine the file you are opening

  • The file types available in QuickBooks Desktop are numerous.
  • A company file (QBW) must be opened by adding the QBW extension to the filename.
  • Other file formats, such as backups (QBB) and portable files (QBM), cannot be opened in the same manner.

Step-3: Figure out what’s causing the issue

Let’s verify whether the problem is coming from your company file or the QuickBooks software itself.

  • Open the Windows Start menu.
  • Search for “File Explorer” to start File Explorer.
  • Search for and find the QuickBooks.exe file. It’s usually in your QuickBooks folder.
  • Using the CTRL key on your keyboard, click twice on QuickBooks.
  • Hold CTRL in place until QuickBooks opens.

Step-4: Deactivate hosting on your workstations

(A.)  Multi-User Access option selected. These are the devices that are linked to your network but don’t store any files belonging to your business. There should only be one hosting machine, which is your server:)

  • On a workstation, open QuickBooks.
  • The corporate file should not be opened. As an alternative, choose File and then click Utilities.
  • If the “Host Multi-User Access” option is available, do not choose it. the following workstation, then. There isn’t a problem with this one.
  • If there is a choice to stop hosting multi-user access, choose it.
  • On every workstation, repeat these instructions.

(B.) Check your workstations first, then move on to the server computer. The computer that typically contains your company’s files is this one:)

  • Open QuickBooks on the server machine.
  • Navigate to the File menu and select Utilities.
  • Select Host Multi-User Access if there is an option.
  • Changing the setting Select Stop Hosting Multi-User Access to restart the process. Multi-user Mode is reset as a result.
  • Select Host Multi-User Access the second time you go through the process.

Step-5: Allocate your company’s file

The location of your company file can be a problem. You can open it from your Windows desktop by moving the file there:

  • Activate the Windows Start button.
  • Enter “File Explorer” into the search box to enter File Explorer.
  • Find the folder containing your company file by searching for it. In your QuickBooks folder, typically. It appears as follows: Your business name.
  • A copy can be chosen when you right-click on your corporate file.
  • Choose Paste by performing a right-click anywhere on your Windows desktop.
  • Rename the company file by selecting it with the right-click menu. Put the term “Test” in the file name or give it a name that is simple to remember.
  • Activate QuickBooks. Then choose Open or restore company from the File menu.
  • Choose Open after selecting the company file you copied to your desktop.

Step-6: Delete the save once the closing button

(A.) QuickBooks may freeze when it starts if you have a large report or numerous windows set to open automatically. They should not open, so:)

  • Start up QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Choose your company file from the list in the No Company Open window. 
  • Select Open while keeping ALT depressed on your keyboard. 
  • Keep holding ALT down until the file opens.

(B.) Once your company file is open, deactivate the save when closing option:

  • Choose Preferences under Edit in the menu.
  • A desktop view tab should be chosen.
  • Choose Don’t Save the Desktop, then click OK.
  • Restart QuickBooks, then open your company file once more.

Step-7: Verify the file’s properties

  • File Explorer can be accessed from the Windows Start menu.
  • Find your company file by searching for it. It appears as follows: [Your company name].
  • Select Properties by doing a right-click on the company file.
  • Choose Advanced.
  • The Compress and Encrypt checkboxes can be deselected.
  • Choose OK.

Step-8: Execute a repair

Open your QuickBooks company file on a different computer, if at all possible. There is a problem with the first computer if it opens on the second.

After completing each step, return to your first computer and attempt to open your company file:)

  • From the QuickBooks Tools Hub, open the Install Diagnostic.
  • Perform an installation file repair.
  • Install QuickBooks Desktop completely.

How to Repair Company File

Most of the time when you are faced with issues, they can be easily fixed with an update. QuickBooks launches an update every single quarter. This is done to address any issue that is otherwise left behind. If you do an update which you should when it comes then most of your issues can be automatically fixed.

If you are concerned about how to do an update then QuickBooks update professionals are there to help.

Our QuickBooks experts have noted that most of the time, one of the following two reasons can hinder the error that says “repair QuickBooks error file that won’t open”.

  • Connectivity Issues
  • Damaged Data File

Connectivity Issues

Among these two, it is really easy to resolve any connectivity issues. Connectivity issues basically mean that QB isn’t able to connect properly with the data file. This in turn becomes the reason for the error that you may be encountering. Connectivity issues are common among software for which the data file is hosted on a separate system or server. If the system with QB cannot communicate properly with the system or server which hosts the company file, then an error is thrown.

Moreover, these connectivity issues are often a result of other third-party software.  Mainly, the biggest issue is caused by Windows Firewall. Now, firewalls are meant for protecting users from attacks by hackers and malicious software. Often, secure connections like those of QB can be taken as a threat by the firewalls, and hence the connection is blocked. To resolve the “QuickBooks couldn’t open the company file”, you should simply disable Windows Firewall.


ISPs (Internet Service Providers) block connections through certain ports. For proper connectivity, you must allow connections through this port. The best thing you can do to resolve this is to contact your ISP and cloud, hosting provider. Either of them can fix this connection issue for you.

Also, please check your internet connection.

Damaged Data File

If your system of QB crashes unexpectedly while data is being saved to the data file, then the data file can get damaged. If such a scenario transpires, then you must download QuickBooks file doctor and install and run it on your system.

Warning: We don't recommend that you download any of the program just to fix your issues. Moreover QuickBooks file Doctor is found to be corrupt in many cases which is capable enough to put your data at risk or even damage it.

It can take quite a long period of time for this tool to scan the entire data file. Once the scan is finished, the tool will show all the errors that it encountered while reading the company file.

If the error still persists, and you still see an error message “Repair QuickBooks file that won’t open” or QuickBooks won’t open company file then you’ll require help from QuickBooks experts. Though QuickBooks is not complex to handle the errors you face make it tricky to use.

People using QuickBooks are not always tech-savvy, thus it is always better that you keep help at hand. And that is why we come into play. We are QuickBooks Consultant Professionals that work round the clock to fix your issues when demanded.

Thus if you are facing any similar issue then wait no longer and connect with help now. To know more, feel free to contact us connected with the QuickBooks error Consultant team.

My data file is damaged. Can the data be recovered?

Yes, the data can be recovered easily with the help of professional help. Contact our team of knowledgeable QuickBooks experts who can assist you with this problem.

Why is QuickBooks unable to access my company file?

It’s generally because your corporate file was transferred or renamed, so don’t worry. It may also occur if your computer loses connection to the location of the QuickBooks file or if you delete the QuickBooks file from your computer. Choose how to access your company file, then follow the instructions to fix it.

How can I modify a company file’s location in QuickBooks Desktop?

● Go to File in your QuickBooks.
● Select Open a company file, then select Open or Restore Company. then press Next.
● Navigate to the new location of your duplicated company file within this window.
● Click Open after selecting the file to highlight it. The login screen should now display your company file.

What are the symptoms of a corrupted QuickBooks file?

Comparing the balances in similar accounts across many reports might potentially reveal corruption. Comparing Net Income, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and other balance sheet balances to other reports in QuickBooks is possible. The QuickBooks File can be corrupted if these figures do not add up.

How can I arrange the company file in QuickBooks?

● Choose Clean Up Company Data under Utilities under the File menu. 
● After the warning notice, tick the Compress data box and choose OK. 
● Select the list you want to delete from your file in the ● Non-history documents window, then click Next.

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