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Managing Accounting and Payroll was not very easy until Sage 50 was not available, after coming Sage 50 accounting is now very easy. Still, there are some errors that come while working with Sage and one of the errors is “Sage 50 Quantum 2014 expired .

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This error may happen due to many causes some of the major causes are mentioned below:

  • Expired pervasive License Key
  • Expired Anti Virus
  • Damaged files
  • DNS not working
  • Antivirus firewall blocking
  • Pervasive needs to be restarted

 Resolution of Error Quantum 2014 expired

Section 1: Temporary Pervasive License Key has expired

  • Close sage 50 program
  • Open Computer
  • Go to Program path
  • Run SageReg.exe
  • Select Key status tab
  • Click Check Key state button
  • If you got the permanent key then stop here else continue to next step
  • Click Sage 50 activation tab
  • Click the Activate button
  • When asked, close the Activation window and Launch Sage 50 to complete the activation

Section2: Anti-virus blocking the activation process

  • Renew the subscription plan or Uninstall the expired Antivirus
  • Check if Sage 50 Quantum edition is now working and it can be open

Section3: Damaged files

  • Close sage 50 program
  • Open Computer
  • Search data path (kindly find below details to find the path )

How to find data path and program path

Option1: INI file

1.         Press window key +E

2.         In the file, explorer search the directory for the.INI  file

3.         Open the configuration file for your sage 50 version

4.         To search data path scroll down to the bottom of the third paragraph and look for line starts with DATAPATH=

5.         To search data path, scroll down to the bottom of the 6th or 7th paragraph and look for the line starting with PROGRAMPATH=

      Option2: From Inside sage and its icon properties

1.       To find data path, open sage 50>>select file>>open company

2.       Drag corner of the box to show full directory

3.       The directory, minus the shorten spelling of the company name, is the data path

4.       To find the program path, right-click the sage shortcut icon

5.       Select properties

6.       The highlighted blue path on the target line minus Peachw.exe is the program path

  • Delete files: Serial.dat,
    • Serial.dat.bak
    • Options.dat
    • Clientinfo.xml
  • Reopen the Sage 50
  • Check if the program can’t be reopened, if the program still creating the same error, go to the next section.

Section4: Damaged Actian/Pervasive Installation

  • Close Sage 50 Quantum Programme
  • Try to restart the pervasive before uninstalling
  • Remove any installed previous version of Pervasive
  • Open sage 50 program
  • Check if the program can activate now if still, an error comes to move to the next section

Section5: Damaged sage 50 files

  • Close sage 50 program
  • Uninstall sage 50
  • Reinstall sage 50
  • Open sage 50
  • Check if the program can be activated successfully

Section6: Pervasive 9.1 and its analyzer are still installed

  • Close sage 50
  • Remove any already installed version
  • Open sage 50
  • Check, if the program can be activated properly

Sage 50 Quantum Helpline Number

f the above error is still not solved, feel free to contact us at 1800-865-4183, our experts will solve all the technical issues and queries. You can also email us at and our team will call you shortly.

Additionally, you can also fill the contact form to get a callback. We won’t let you go without fixing your issues with satisfaction. We will help you to give you a solution in minimum time by our professional, experienced and dedicated experts.

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