Sage Quantum 2014 Edition Stopped Working

Sage is well-known accounting software and most of the time users complain that they get the error “Sage Quantum 2014 Edition stopped working”. In today’s topic, we will discuss the same error, about its reason and solution of the error. There are many more names of this error, some of the same errors are mentioned below:

Error” Sage 50 has stopped working” when starting Sage 50

Error” Sage 2014 has stopped working”

Why Sage Quantum 2014 Stopped

Causes are the first things which we need to research; below are some major causes that are the main reason for this error.

  • Data is situated under a different user account
  • Hosts file modified

Resolutions Quantum 2014 Edition Not Working

Solution 1: Hosts file

If you are using Windows Vista, 7 or 8 then go follow the below steps.

Step1: Open the notepad as administrator

1.         Click on the start menu

2.         In search box type notepad

3.         Do a right-click on the notepad

4.         Click on run as administrator

Step2: Open the hosts’ file

1.         Select File, open the file

2.         Change the file type to (*.*) to all the files

3.         Open the hosts file ( C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file

4.         Just add the line ( localhost ) to starting of the file

5.         Kindly save the changes

6.         Try to open Sage 2014

7.         Still, if you receive an error from windows defender with information about Win32 HostsFileHijack, you need to click on Ignore.

8.         Still, if Sage 50 does not work, restart the computer and try to open it again

9.         If you solved the one window user and getting the same error for another user just follow the above steps again

If you are using Windows XP try below steps to solve the issue.

1.         Choose selective startup for starting Windows

2.         Restart the computer

3.         Uninstall Sage Quantum

4.         Use the .net cleaning tool

5.         Go to C:\windows\Mircosoft.NET\Framework and delete v2.0.50727 folder

6.         Delete the contents of the Windows temporary folder

7.         Go to Advanced tab

8.         Go to environmental variables. You will get the location of the temporary folder

9.         Reinstall Sage Quantum

Solution2: Network Adaptor Setting

1.         Go to control panel>>Device manager>>Network adapters, and double click on your network adaptor.

2.         Click on the Power Management tab and deselect the” Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”.

3.         Repeat the above steps for all the computers

Solution3: Run as Administrator

1.         Right-click on sage 2014 Icon

2.         Go to properties

3.         Go to the compatibility tab

4.         Checkmark the box for the Privilege Level, now run this program as an administrator

Solution4: Data is situated under another User account

1.         Go to windows explorer and go to the location of the data

2.         Copy .saj and .sai file

3.         Create a new folder under directly under the C drive (accounting Data)

4.         Paste the .saj and .sai into the new folder

5.         Open sage 2014

6.         Choose “select an existing company

7.         Guide the window to the newly created folder

8.         Open the .sai file

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