Sage 50 2020 Activation Problem

Fix Sage 50 2020 Activation Problem

Let’s start our article about the “Sage 50 2020 Activation Problem“. Sage 50 activation error could be a huge problem if you are looking forward to getting some urgent work done. It is important to understand the nature of the problem to be able to resolve it thoroughly.

It is advised to follow the manual with proper acknowledgment to resolve the Sage 50 Activation problem on your Microsoft OS-based computer system. AskForAccounting team is always there to help you to fix Sage 50 issues.

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Understanding the Sage 50 2020 Activation Problem

You install Sage 50 on your computer and try to activate it, but you are faced with the error on the screen, reading:

There was a problem activating Sage 50. Please try again later


There was a problem with the activation files for Sage 50.

Now you are unable to open and use the program or refresh your subscription. What to do next…!

Causes of Sage 50 2020 Activation Problem

When you try to refresh the Sage 50 Subscription updates using the online (Recommended) method, the message ‘Sage 50 subscriptions were successfully updated’ never appears on the page.

There are too many reasons behind the Sage 50 activation error. Knowing the right spot may help you resolve the issue more easily and faster.

  • Only one of the Servers and Workstations got updated, the other did not.
  • The pervasive did not start.
  • Btrieve is active.
  • The pervasive has been damaged.
  • The shared folder has no proper permissions set for it.
  • Either Antivirus or Firewall is hindering access to the internet.
  • Either the internet is missing or the server is not reachable for some reason.
  • Proxy or incorrect internet settings are blocking the access.
  • Your Operating Software is damaged.
  • Incorrect Data Path, or damaged files of Data Path.
  • You have a 64-bit Operating System and there is no data path installed in program files (x86)
  • More than one version is installed, and all of them are using a single data path.
  • The program couldn’t be installed properly on the system.

Resolving the Sage 50 2020 Activation Problem

There are many ways by which we can resolve this issue depending on the nature of the reason behind it. We will explore some most common solutions here. Please note that proceeding further with these resolutions requires technical knowledge.

Total Time: 20 minutes

Method 1: Disabling User Access Control (UAC)

🔹 To understand the cause and figure out its resolution, you will need to carry out a few steps.
🔹 You can start with disabling User Access Control (UAC), go to Selective Startup and use MSConfig, switch off the Proxy settings of Internet Explorer and add the trusted sites.
🔹 Once you have gone through each of them, you shall be able to activate Sage 50.
🔹 If not, get in touch with the technical team to help you out with the issue.

Method 2: Follow the given steps to resolve the issue quickly:

🔹 Exit the Workstation and the server.
🔹 Do not open Sage 50.
🔹 Now, install the latest version of Sage 50 on each Workstation one by one.
🔹 Once the Workstations are upgraded, start updating the server.
🔹 Once the server is updated, make sure that Sage 50 is activated on it.
🔹 Now open the program on all the Workstations to activate them.

Method 3: Disable your firewall/Antivirus software to see if the problem is resolved.

🔹 Disable your firewall/Antivirus software to see if the problem is resolved.

Method 4: Follow these steps if the problem is still not resolved:

🔹 Exit Sage 50 from all the Workstations.
🔹 Go to the Data Path.
🔹 Find the file named clientinfo.xml and move it to some other location from the Data Path, after renaming it.
🔹 Now open Sage 50 and check if your problem has been resolved.
🔹 Once you are through with these solutions, your Sage 50 should activate.

In case you are still facing trouble and complaining about the “Sage 50 Activation error” know how to find the Sage 50 activation code.

We recommend you get in touch with our Sage 50 Consultant team. Our Sage help desk has all the possible solutions to the errors. To get in touch with Sage 50 Tech experts, you can call us at our toll-free helpline. We are available 24*7 to help you out with Sage-related issues.

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