Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database


Sage is easy but only to those who knows how to use it. Since it is a pretty useful software but at times you encounter issues that simply goes over your head. One such problem involves a message: “Sage 50 Error Connecting to a Database” (the connection manager could not start the database engine).

As is already clear with the message that this is a database related error which prevents you from accessing your company file. If left un-addressed then it may pose some serious threat over your financial data.

Causes: Sage 50 Database Connection Error

  • File or Folder is missing,
  • .SAI and .SAJ folder missing/corrupt,
  • .NET framework issue,
  • The company file is on a server or another program,
  • Firewall is blocking,

How to Resolve Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database (the connection manager could not start the database engine)

Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database

There are several ways that you can follow to have your issue “Sage 50 There is an Error Connecting to a Database” related to Sage database. These include the below given methods…

Total Time: 25 minutes

Solutions 1: When Data files are Located on the Server Computer:

Initially, testing with your sample company. In case the Sample company file could not be opened, we will go through these steps:

🔹 Ensuring that the server hosting data has a properly configured firewall.
🔹 Please notice that it is important to add the ports which establish the communication with the Connection Manager.
🔹 Check the location of your data on the server, whichever it is, and the drive (Partition). 🔹 It could be possible that the program is installed on C:/ drive while data is located in the D:/ drive.
🔹 Permissions of the folder hosting data should be checked properly.
🔹 Go to the root of C:/ folder and create a new folder there.
🔹 Cut the data from the other location and paste it in the new folder in the C:/ drive.
🔹 Ensure that everyone has full permission.
🔹 Go to the new folder and try to access data from there.
🔹 Now use the IP address of the server to access the data.
🔹 In case the data was opened without any problem the previous time you tried; shut down your computer, start it again and retry loading the data.
🔹 Go to the firewall and Antivirus (If Any) and look for any blocked Sage 50 Process there. If you find any, grant them full access.
🔹 If you are a Windows XP user, the problem is with the .NET framework if even after configuring the firewall/antivirus the sample company refuses to open or doesn’t work properly.
🔹 You will need to repair the .NET framework.
🔹 In case you are using Windows 7/8/8.1 and the local sample company is not responding, then it is possible that the .NET components have been damaged.

Solution 2: Checking the ODBC Issue

🔹 Go to the Control Panel and then to Program and Features or Add/Remove Programs to see if ODBC is intalled on your computer.
🔹 Also ensure that MySQL Connector/ODBS 3.51 and MySQL Connector/ODBS 3.52(a) are also installed.
🔹 If you find them installed on your computer then resolve the data inconsistencies. (Get in touch with our Experts).
🔹 If you find the ODBC missing, then you need to install it by browsing to this location: C:SageSage 50 Accounting <version> BINMySQLODBC
🔹 Go to mysql-connector-odbc-commercial-<version>.exe, right-click and select

Solution 3: Restart Sage 50 Connection Manager

🔹 Open Control Panel
🔹 Click on Administrative Tools
🔹 Then Services option
🔹 After that, right-click Sage 50 Database Connection Manager
🔹 Select Stop option
🔹 Again, Right-click Sage 50 Database Connection Manager
🔹 Select Start option
🔹 Try to open the company file

If you followed these simple methods provided above, then the problem you had should be resolved by now. But in case you are still facing the problem “Sage 50 There Is An Error Connecting To A Database” or Sage 50 connection manager error then connect with us. If you don’t want to take this kind of risk then we suggest dial our Sage 50 Support number and get help instantly.