Sage 50 an Error has Occurred in the Script on this Page

Sage 50 an Error has Occurred in the Script on this Page

Often, you face an error when you launch Sage 50 and try to perform a few operations, i.e. selecting payroll, setting up filter criteria, Selecting Maintain in the Maintenance Window, so on and so forth. These errors come in the form of various error codes but what we are going to discuss today is a bit different. “Sage 50 an Error Has Occurred In The Script On This Page” is a technical error that demands your immediate action.

Sage 50: An Error Has Occurred in the Script on this Page

As stated above, that this is a Sage technical error that appears at the launch of Sage. The kind of error you may see may be more or less like the one below and totally depends on your version.

Error: “Script Error Line 26 C:[Location]what’s new” appears when opening the program

Error: An error has occurred in the script on this Page” with the URL C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Sage/Peachtree/IAR/IARMainPageFix.html

  • Line: [Line Number]
  • Char: [Character]
  • Error: Object doesn’t support this property or method: ‘PAWWeb.HostApp’
  • Code: 0
  • URL: [Directory/WhatIsNew/[Location].htm]

Script error often appears with a warning like: Do you really want to go ahead?


What causes Script Error on Sage 50? There are Several Reasons for this Issue – Let’s have a look:

  • Couldn’t install Sage 50 the latest release
  • Using an unsupported version of Internet Explorer.
  • Blocked ActiveX controls on IE
  • You are using a 64-bit computer and the program is not installed in Program Files (x86)
  • Program path files are not valid
  • Installation got interrupted or damaged
  • Too high set User Account Control settings

How to Fix Sage 50 Script Error – An Error Has Occurred in the Script

Sage script error

The resolution of this problem is possible through several methods. Let us walk you through each step one at a time.

Total Time: 42 minutes

Step 1: Installing the latest service release of Sage 50.

🔹 Go to Sage 50 on your computer.
🔹 Follow this path: Services >> Check For Updates >> Check Now
🔹 Choose Download and exit Sage 50.
🔹 Service release will be installed now.
🔹 Now, see that the error is gone.

Step 2: Setting up Sage Advisor:

🔹 Open Sage 50 on your computer and follow this path: Help> Sage Advisor Settings.
🔹 Once there, look for Show the Setup Advisor on-screen assistance box and clear it.
🔹 Hit Ok and exit Sage 50 to ensure that the changes take effect.
🔹 Launch Sage 50 Once again and see if the problem has been resolved.

Still not sorted and seeing, “An Error Has Occurred In The Script On This Page” error message appearing on your screen then follow these steps…

Step 3: If the installation was damaged or incomplete:

🔹 Exit Sage.
🔹 Now go to the Program Path.
🔹 Look for a folder named PTToday and Change its name to OLDPTToday.
🔹 Find another folder named ProductServices Change its name to OLDProductServices.
🔹 Now run a repair.
🔹 Finally, disable the Antivirus, find the latest service release, and reinstall it.
🔹 Open Sage again and check that the problem has been resolved.

Step 4: Enabling the ActiveX Control:

🔹 Open your Internet Explorer, go to Tools, and then to Internet Options.
🔹 Go to Security and follow to Local Intranet.
🔹 Find the Custom Level button and click it.
🔹 Find the section ActiveX controls and plug-ins and enable Allow previously unused ActiveX controls to run without prompt.
🔹 Enable Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins.
🔹 Now hit Ok and then Yes if you are prompted to allow changes and then Ok

These four methods provided above should help you out in troubleshooting the Sage 50 Script Page Error. We advise you to get in touch with our Sage 50 support. If you are looking for further assistance with the issue or any other Sage related problems then talk to us now Dial +1888-461-1609. We have a well-versed team of experts on our helpdesk, who know how to troubleshoot any issue relating to Sage 50.