Sage 50 Cannot Open the Database Because Some Database Files are Read Only

Sage 50 Cannot Open the Database

Sage 50 cannot Open the database” because some database files are read-only, stay calm if you are facing the sage 50 bugs. If you are a sage user then such kinds of issues shouldn’t be new to you.

As you know how sage works and how it can be effective within your accounting system then you should also be aware that Sage is not free from errors. But yes if there are issues within the program then there are solutions as well that fix your problem in no time.

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Although Sage 50 is incorporated with potential features like other software it also encounters errors. One such error is Sage 50 Cannot Open The Database. When any software encounter error there are reasons behind the Sage 50 error. But prior to that identification of the cause of the error is imperative. There are multiple possible reasons that can give rise to this error. Go through the reasons mentioned below:

Sage 50 Canada can't open the database because some database files are read-only, when opening Sage 50 or opening the file locally

Reasons for Sage 50 Cannot Open The Database Because Some Database Files are Read Only Issue

There are several reasons why Sage 50 may not be able to open the database.

  • The company file shuts down after creating a backup copy, however, it is running in the background.
  • Multiple database files and attributes have been converted to read-only mode.
  • The issue in Windows or the .NET framework.
  • The program has not had sufficient permissions to access the location where the data is saved.
  • Company financial data is saved on read-only media (eg. CD, DVD).

Tips to Resolve Sage 50 Read Only Issue Cannot Open The Database

Sage 50 cannot open the database because some database files are read-only and could be technical or functional. Follow the steps and instructions below to fix the issue.

Total Time: 25 minutes

Section I: Improper Permissions to Try the Financial Data Location

A resolution I: Raise the Permissions of Sage 50
🔹 Click on the Sage 50 program on the desktop
🔹 Choose Properties -> then choose Compatibility tab.
🔹 Verify the box thoroughly “Run this program as an administrator”.
🔹 Then end the Sage 50 program.
🔹 Open Sage 50 once again.
🔹 Check if you are able to access the company data

Resolution II: Move the Data to a location from where it can be Accessed
🔹 Navigate to the location where the company data is saved.
🔹 Choose the Sage 50 Data File and the corresponding SAJ folder. Note: Press the CTRL key at the time of clicking the data file.
🔹 Click on the right either one -> Choose the Cut option.
🔹 Move to a location that is easily accessible. for e.g. C: Accounting Data
🔹 Click on the right and select the paste option. Also, you can choose Ctrl+V on your keyboard
🔹 Open the company files in the new location by choosing the existing company.

Resolution III: Recover & Restore from backup copy into a new folder destination
🔹 Once you recover you can restore the backup file into a new folder location that can be directly created under the C drive.

Resolution IV: Edit the Permissions of the Folder Comprising the Company Data
🔹 Search the right folder that includes all the financial data.
🔹 Click on the right side of the folder -> Choose Properties.
🔹 Then choose the Security tab.
🔹 Go to Edit and in case notified, allow permissions in the UAC.
🔹 Choose the User group or add the group if it is not added earlier.
🔹 Provide permissions to the user’s group to modify and write to the folder.
🔹 Open the Sage 50 program and try to access the company data.
🔹 Now have a quick look if you are able to fix your error code “Sage 50 Cannot Open
🔹 The Database Because Some Database Files Are Read-Only”.
🔹 If the problem still persists then jump on to the 2nd section.

Section II: Data File Attributes Configured to Read Only

🔹 Navigate to the folder where the crucial company data is stored.
🔹 Click on the right of the Sage 50 Data File -> then choose Properties.
🔹 In case the Read-only attribute is checked Uncheck tit -> then choose to Apply.
🔹 Click on the right of the SAJ folder -> then choose Properties.
🔹 Uncheck the Read-only attribute if it is checked, then select Apply.
🔹 Choose Apply changes to this folder and the subfolders as well as the company files.
🔹 Choose OK.

Section III: Encrypted file or folder

🔹 Navigate to the company files saved location.
🔹 Click on the right on the file or folder (follow this for both the *.SAJ folder and the *.SAI file), then go to Properties.
🔹 Choose the General tab -> Choose Advanced.
🔹 Remove all the encrypted contents to safeguard the data checkbox, then choose OK.
🔹 Select OK.

Hope you are able to fix your “Sage 50 Cannot Open The Database Because Some Database Files Are Read-Only” or Sage 50 error connecting to the database. But in case you are still having hardship resolving your error then Sage 50 Consultant staff is ready to help you.

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