Sage 50 Email MAPI Error

Sage 50 Email MAPI Error

When you are unable to send an invoice or unable to send email on Sage 50, which is an error troubling you throughout the time, it’s time to seek help and resolve the error for good. If you follow the given solutions properly, you can resolve the “Sage 50 Error your Mapi Compliant Default Email Error” or “Sage 50 Email MAPI Error” easily. The AskForAccounting help team is going to resolve Sage error for you.

What is Sage 50 Email Mapi Error

Sage Email MAPI Error: An error occurs when users attempt to send invoices via their emails from time to time. However, there are different conditions in which users come to Error with Sage Email MAPI: An error occurred when the message was sent through these errors. When the user experiences a MAPI error, it is recommended that the infected or corrupted document and file be repaired correctly.

Reasons for Sage 50 Email MAPI Error

The Sage Email MAPI Error that occurred while sending the message via email can be caused by several factors. Here are a few examples:

  • Your Microsoft Outlook could have been damaged.
  • You may have installed multiple versions of Outlook.
  • In your Printer Properties, advanced printing features are not enabled.
  • You have installed Microsoft Outlook 64-bit.
  • You have left Microsoft Outlook Open.
  • Email Writer has been damaged.
  • There are pending Microsoft Windows Update.
  • If Outlook was set to “Run as an Administrator” and Sage 50 was set to “User,” there was a conflict.

It could be caused by having multiple versions of Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer. There are several ways to correct this error. This error is classified as printing and reporting/print to file/email.

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How to Fix Sage 50 Email MAPI Error – An error occurred in sending the message

Sage 50 Mapi Compliant Default Email

There are a few simple methods that could resolve the Default Email error in an instant and Sage email setup. Please follow them carefully to apply all the settings correctly.

Total Time: 30 minutes

Step 1: MS Outlook 64-bit

🔹 Your Sage 50 is not compatible with MS Outlook 64-bit.
🔹 Uninstall MS Outlook 64-bit.
🔹 Download MS Outlook 32-bit.
🔹 Install MS Outlook 32-bit.
🔹 Try to send a default mail to check that the problem has been resolved. If you could not resolve this issue by this method, go to the second method.

Step 2: Running Sage 50 with Administrator Rights

🔹 Exit Sage 50 and all the other programs.
🔹 Restart your computer and then log in with Administrator Rights.
🔹 Go to the Sage 50 icon on the desktop and right-click it. Select Run as an Administrator.

Step 3: Checking Microsoft Outlook for any Error

🔹 Go to your MS Outlook and select From the drop-down, select Outlook Diagnostic.
🔹 Launch Outlook Diagnostic and run it.
🔹 It will find and resolve any error on MS Outlook.
🔹 Try to send a default mail to check that the problem has been resolved. If you could not resolve this issue by this method, go to the second method.

Step 4: Installing Microsoft Windows Update

🔹 Go to the Windows Control panel.
🔹 Check for any pending Windows Updates.
🔹 If you find any pending Windows Updates, grant them access to update.
🔹 Wait until Windows Updates are installed.
🔹 Try to send a default mail to check that the problem has been resolved.
🔹 If you could not resolve this issue by this method, go to the second method.

Step 5: When your Printer is not updated

🔹 Go to your default Printer’s Settings and click on the help page.
🔹 From there, select Run Diagnosis.
🔹 You will see any pending settings that are not updated.
🔹 Update the entire settings one by one.
🔹 Try to send a default e-mail to check if the error was resolved.

These five simple methods, if followed carefully, should resolve “Sage 50 Error Your MAPI Compliant Default Email” or “Sage 50 Email MAPI Error”. However, if you found yourself unable to execute all the given steps or needed technical assistance how to connect Sage 50 to outlook or any issues you can get in touch with our Sage 50 Support Team. We have an amazing help desk that consists of experienced Sage 50 experts Dial +1888-461-1609.

List of MAPI Error Sage 50

MAPI Error CodeMAPI Error OutlookMAPI Error Code 28MAPI Error Outlook 365MAPI Error 0X1C
MAPI Error OX3MAPI Error Attaching Word DocumentMAPI Error After Windows 10 UpdateInternal MAPI Error An Invalid Parameter Was PassedMAPI Email Warning
MAPI Error Login FailureMAPI Error Getting RulesMAPI Error General MAPI Failure 2GETNAMESPACE( MAPI) ErrorGETNAMESPACE(MAPI) Error 13
MAPI Error Importing ContactsMAPI Error Invalid SessionMAPI Initialization ErrorMAPI Email IssuesMAPI Unspecified Error
VB6 MAPI Error 32002MAPI Error 0X1AOutlook MAPI Error 00004C2MAPI Error 1429MAPI Error 11
MAPI 1.0 ErrorMAPI LOGIN Error 1144MAPI Error Code AT LINE 921MAPI 1.0 Error IN OutlookMAPI Error 23
MAPI Error MAIL MERGEExtended MAPI Error. Map Initialize FailedMAPI Error (26) Not SupportedContent Index Error Message MAPI Network Error Occurred For The DatabaseMAPI Resolve Name Error
MAPI Proxy Error Connecting To TrayPROCALL MAPI ErrorMAPI Error 28MAPI Error 26MAPI Error 25
Error 2 MAPI_E_FailureMAPI Error 2 WindowsOutlook MAPI Error APLZOD.DLL MAPI Http Authn Error An Unexpected MAPI Error Occurred
MAPI Error Code 2 MAPI Error Code 26 MAPI Error Code 11MAPI Error Code 1MAPI Error Code 21

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is MAPI Compliant?

A Messaging Application Program Interface (MAPI) is a file structure in Windows that allows other software to attach files to an email. Simply put, any email software that accepts MAPI files is said to be compliant with MAPI.

What do you mean by Sage 50 Email MAPI Error?

Email MAPI is a common error that can occur when using the Sage 50 Accounting software. When this error occurred, it displayed an error message indicating a Return Code 26 or Return Code 2 MAPI error. This is common when sending an invoice via email.

How Many Types of MAPI Compliant Are There?

There are two kinds of MAPI compliance. They are as follows:
● Simply
● Extended
● Microsoft employs Extended, whereas other applications such as Outlook Express and Thunderbird’s interface is straightforward.