Sage 50 Error Loading Current Company File

While working on Sage often encounter errors that are beyond our grasp. These can be just like “Sage 50 error loading current company file“. To fix an issue like such, you would need to involve technical tit-bits. Without the proper technical background, these errors cannot be resolved.

Many errors related to Company File involve tweaking the technical side of Sage 50. Error Loading Current Company File in Sage 50 requires you to delve deep into Sage Programming.

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Sage 50 error loading current company file when you trying to launch the Sage 50 program or open a company file

What is Sage 50 Error Loading Current Company File

It is easy to spot this error on your computer. Either of these errors appears on the screen,

‘Error loading current company file’, or “can’t open company


Sage 50 has stopped working’.

You are unable to access either the program or unable to open the Sage 50 company file. At times it happens that the Company goes missing after updating the server. The splash screen opens up forcibly, and some of the data go missing after updating.

Causes of Sage 50 Error Loading Company File Error

There are several reasons behind the occurrence of this error.

  • The company trying to open automatically is invalid.
  • The same version of Sage 50 is not being used on all the workstations.
  • Not all computers have Service Release installed on them.
  • One of the workstations has been opened even before the installation could be processed completely.
  • The discrepancy in the build or release between the computers dealing with the backup file creation and storing.

How to Fix Sage 50 Error Loading Current Company File Issue

It is suggested to create a backup of your files before proceeding with the methods to troubleshoot the error. Below mention different methods to help you to fix the Sage 50 Error Loading Company File.

Method 1: Update Installed Server

The server has the latest update installed on it, but the workstation. Or the company update took place on a different computer:

  • Exit Sage 50.
  • Go to your data path and locate the Updates folder.
  • Double-click on it.
  • Go to the Program Update and right-click it.
  • Current program Sage 50_2016.2.Upgrade.exe or PTXA2016.2.0.exe, if the current version is 2016 only, choose Run as Administrator.
  • Current program Sage 50_2017.2.Upgrade.exe or PTXA2017.2.0.exe, if the current version is 2016 only, choose Run as Administrator.
  • Through the instruction on the screen, complete the update installation.
  • Once the update is through, reboot your computer system.
  • Go to Sage once your computer is up and running.
  • Go to Help and then About Sage 50 Accounting to ensure the latest update in installed.

Wasn’t able to fix your problem, “Sage 50 error loading current company file”, well then, here is what you need to do next…

Method 2: Open Splash Screen

  • Go to the desktop screen of your computer and right-click on Sage 50 and choose Properties.
  • Make the Target line highlighted and hit the ctrl+c keys to copy it.
  • Exit the Properties window.
  • Once again go to your desktop and hit Windows+R Keys to launch the Run prompt.
  • Now go to the empty field of the Run prompt and press ctrl+v.
  • Once the shortcut of the Target line is pasted there, press space and enter ABC.
  • Hit Ok.
  • Sage opens to the Splash Screen.
  • Ensure that the correct company is open once Sage opens in Splash Screen.
  • In case the correct company is opened but the error is still there, go to Services and see if there is any latest service release and install it.
  • If the issue still isn’t resolved, go to the next method.

Method 3: Restoring Backup

  • Create a new backup and use it to restore.
  • If there is any other backup available, use it.

Method 4: Find the Damaged Data File in Company File Folder

  • Need to choose a file then open the company and note down your company file location.
  • After that, close the program.
  • Then, required to press Windows +E.
  • Next step, Need to navigate to the directory.
  • After that delete these files from your system:
    • All .DAT temp files
    • All .DDF files
    • All .DAT ptl files
    • All .LCK files
    • All .PTL files
    • All .MKD files
    • All .RPT files
    • All .PTR files
    • dat (if available)
    • DAT (if available)
  • In last, Open your company file and check if you are still facing the file error.

Following these methods ensures that your problem is resolved. In case you still get the same message, i.e. Sage 50 error loading current company file or know how to create Sage 50 company, then we advise you to contact our Sage 50 Consultant team if you encounter any problem or need expert help.

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