Sage 50 Payroll Features and Benefits


Sage 50 Payroll” offers accessible and flexible amenities that help save more time on every payday. This solution has undergone an Inland Revenue Payroll Standard authorization process, to help users to be confident and rest assured that the payroll is being correctly calculated.

Sage 50 Payroll is also approved by HMRC. This helps reduce the administrative burden of complicated legislation and ensures users stay up to date. Entrepreneurs, bookkeepers, accountants, and office managers are increasingly choosing Sage 50 Payroll software to manage payroll of up to 10 employees.

Sage 50 Payroll New and Excellent Features and Benefits:

Sage 50 Payroll Features and Benefits

Here is a glimpse of new and excellent features and benefits that Sage 50 Payroll brings to you and your business.

Core Program Changes

Sage 50 Payroll has had added features to its core functionality.

  • The variance reporting helps users to easily check for any irregularities present in the payroll
  • Effortlessly make necessary changes before carrying out the payroll
  • Calculation tool allows users to quickly view and comprehend how figures are calculated

Automated Payslip Module

Sage Online Payslips helps run accurate payroll. It allows users to pay employees the exact amount and on time. It includes:

  • Company Info
  • Payroll period
  • Employee info
  • Details of Tax and National Insurance
  • Net Pay
  • Gross Pay

Now, Sage has collaborated with Prolog Print Media to bring in an added module for automated payslips. This allows:

  • To automatically print and post payslips
  • To choose to permit employees to collect payslips online
  • Also provides step by step guide to set up automatic payslips in the program

Improved Pensions Module

The Sage 50 Payroll auto-enrollment together with Pensions Module helps to eradicate the burden of Automatic Enrollment.

  • Automatically assess into the workforce
  • Generate data files using correct format and upload it securely to the pension provider.
  • Generate personalized communications for each employee.

Sage 50 Payroll has now incorporated the NHS Tiered pensions into the Pensions Module. Benefits include:

  • Assign pensions to be based on the job types
  • Fully compliant with the legislation governing NHS Pensions
  • Automatically maintain, assess, and re-assess the pension tiers for employees
  • Built-in wizards and guides to help set up and manage the NHS Pensions
  • Acquiescent with the monthly NHS Reporting

Online Timesheets

Securely manage online timesheets with Sage 50 Payroll. The solution helps users save more time by transferring timesheet data of employees online. It also allows the employee to safely view their timesheet and submit information on the go, from anywhere.

Why Askforaccounting Support Service?

Askforaccounting expert team will help you understand Sage 50 Payroll and configured it to meet your business needs. If you experience any issues while carrying out the implementation process, feel free to give us a call on Sage 50 support phone number. Our expert will provide a step-to-step guide and assist you through the step to get your business up and running.

You can also detail your issues and share them with us at Our expert will diagnose the issue and provide reliable resolutions. Our service is also available via Live Chat Support.