Sage 50 Pervasive Invalid Date Error

Sage 50 pervasive invalid date error

In this blog, we are going to tell you how to fix the “Sage 50 Pervasive Invalid Date Error“, along with its causes. When you try to change the fiscal year dates, Sage 50 Pervasive error invalid date occurs.

Then the users receive a message Error: An invalid date was entered. The Fiscal End Date must be later than or equal to the Session End Date.

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What are the Causes of Sage 50 Pervasive Invalid Date Error

This Sage 50 pervasive invalid date error can occur due to a variety of reasons, but the most common is that the fiscal date is incorrect.

  • Change the fiscal year date.
  • The transaction was posted on a date other than the fiscal end date.

How to Fix Sage 50 Pervasive Invalid Date Error

If you are using the Sage 50 accounting software, you may be experiencing a pervasive invalid date error. You will need to resolve this issue before you can continue working with the software.

  • Restore an earlier backup.
  • Restore the most recent backup you made before the transactions were posted after the fiscal end date.
  • Now, modify the Fiscal End Date to meet your needs.
  • Then, because the backup was chosen, all transactions must be entered again.
  • Advance the fiscal year and create a 13-24-month long fiscal year backup.
  • Do not change the fiscal year’s end date this year.
  • Check with your accountant to see if the fiscal year-end date for this fiscal year can be pushed back or avoided.
  • If so, you may change the fiscal end date to the following fiscal year.
  • Do make a new company file.
    • Launch the application
    • Finally, make a new company file.
    • Enter the date’s opening balance.

Here are the Steps to Changing the Fiscal Year in Sage 50

  • To begin, go to the settings menu.
  • Next, choose the Fiscal year option.
  • Change the option by right-clicking on it and selecting it.
  • When prompted to create a backup and verify the data, select Yes.
  • Also, when it asks for nominal past data, select the yes option.
  • Enter the required fiscal year start month and year, then click the OK button.
  • Checkmark the Yes tab and then click the OK button twice when a pop-up window appears.

We hope now you have enough information about the error and hopefully the above-mentioned steps will help you to fix the Sage 50 Pervasive Invalid Date Error. If not Dial the Sage 50 Consultant number toll-free 24/7.

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