Sage 50 Pro Accounting Features and Benefits

Sage 50 Pro Accounting is fully featured for entry level program. In addition to basic accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger, it is added with inventory, purchase order, sales order, payroll, and job costing. What makes Sage 50 Pro Accounting firmly in the category of entry level is that it is available only to a single user program.

Modules: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory,  Bank Reconciliation, Sales Order, Purchase Order, and limited version of Job Cost.

Sage 50 Pro Accounting also includes Payroll module. However, it is requisite to purchase the Business Care Platinum or Gold plan to use this module.

Features and Benefits Included:

  • Inventory – Sage 50 Pro Accounting has excellent inventory features. Users can decide between LIFO, FIFO, & Average costing, and also set the minimum “re-order quantities” and “stock level”.  Each item may have different descriptions for purchasing and sales. User can also set up assembly items with the bill of materials. In addition, users can also set up service, description-only, non-stock items to make purchasing and invoicing easier. However, it won’t track costing history and quantity on hand detail.
  • Sales Orders – Track un-filled sales. To avoid retyping of the same info, the sales orders can also be converted to sales invoices.  Sales orders also carry out inventory to keep the user updated about the next reorder.
  • Quotes – Print quotes for customers. When quote is accepted, users can convert it to either an invoice or a sales order with just a click.
  • Purchase Orders – The PO’s interface with both accounts payable and inventory.  So when receiving the PO, inventories are automatically increased and the invoice is set up in accounts payable.
  • Job Costing – Assign income and set up jobs, hours to jobs, and expenses by tagging transactions (purchase invoices, sales invoices, payroll checks, etc) with the job number. Generate reports to show details of expenses and income for each job.
  • Customizable Reports – Users can extensively modify financial statements. This allows users to generate summary reports, detailed reports, or summary reports included with supporting schedules. It also allows customization of the order that has account presented and inserted subtotals any time.
  • Customizable Forms – Customize Printed forms according to personal suits, which include adding a logo. Users have complete control over colours, fonts, and field placement. However, creating new fields is not attainable.
  • OLEDB and ODBC access – Users can set up a read-only connection to Sage 50 data via OLEDB or ODBC.  This allows data extraction from Sage 50 in another program (Excel or Access) for analysis.

Askforaccounting Support Service

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