Sage 50 Smart Posting Error

Sage 50 Smart Posting Error

We will follow some troubleshooting methods mentioned below to ensure that the “Sage 50 Smart posting error” is addressed and SmartPosting starts to work again. The SmartPosting service often stops when it encounters some kind of internal error. When it will happen, you will be faced with an error message like: Sage 50 smart posting service not starting.

We recommend you follow the process with precision to ensure that Smart Posting Error is addressed properly and managed without any hurdle. The AskForAccounting team will ensure that no matter what problems you face while working on Sage, you get to resolve them as soon as you get in touch with us.

Please note: Sage 50 is going to function in batch posting mode as long as SmartPosting is not started again. You will be required to post the transactions manually.

To be able to do so, you will need to follow this path- Tasks > System > Post. From there choose the journal you want to post. Meanwhile, we will follow the guidelines given below to resolve the SmartPosting error.

Causes Sage 50 Smart Posting Error

How to Fix Sage 50 Smart Posting Error

Sage 50 smart posting

Sage 50 accounting application has become one of the most prominent software which is integrated with extraordinary features. Learn sage 50 smart posting error fixing steps.

Total Time: 15 minutes

Step 1: ‘SmartPosting Cannot be Started because the Services of SmartPosting are Not Running.’

🔹 Turn on the workstation which is the host to the SmartPosting Services. Generally, The server machine is the one hosting the SmartPosting Services.
🔹 Follow the path- Start > Control Panel. If you are using Windows Vista, you need to go to System and Maintenance instead of Control Panel.
🔹 In the options given on the screen, you need to select Administrative Tools.
🔹 Now go to the Services tab.
🔹 When the Services Dialogue opens, go to Sage 50 SmartPosting <XX> and double-click it. It will open another dialogue box- Sage 50 SmartPosting Service Properties.
🔹 When the dialogue box appears, click Start.
🔹 Hit ok.
🔹 Now shut down all the open dialogues.
🔹 Restart SmartPosting in Sage 50 by following these steps:
checked On your Sage 50, go to the File menu and then to SmartPosting Manager.
checked Click Start
🔹 Now verify that the problem is solved.

Step 2: The SmartPosting Services have been Crashed and Hung. You need to restart it.

🔹 Follow the steps from 1 to 5 given in the first method. And then continue from the 2nd step given below.
🔹 See if the service is running, Select Stop.
🔹 Click Start
🔹 Hit ok.

Step 3: In case you cannot restart the service through the Windows troubleshooting method, go through these steps to ensure the resolution:

🔹 Turn on the workstation which is the host to the SmartPosting Services.
🔹 Generally, the server machine is the one hosting the SmartPosting Services.
🔹 This will have Administrative Rights.
🔹 Now, start the Task Manager and stop the service from there.
🔹 Go to Sage 50, and shut down the open Windows.
🔹 Now follow this path- Tasks>System>Post. Post all journals there.
🔹 If you see any errors, follow the onscreen instructions to troubleshoot the errors.
🔹 Once you have been through the process, restart the computer.
🔹 Restart the SmartPosting in Sage 50.

Step 4: Damaged Transactions

🔹 Go to Maintain, Users, User login manager.
🔹 Then click on Company information.
🔹 Click on the Posting Method option.
🔹 After that, choose Real-time and then OK.
🔹 Again, go to Maintain and then Company Information.

Once you have followed these simple troubleshooting methods provided above, you should be able to get rid of the Sage errors.

If you face any problems while going through these methods and you still face Sage 50 Smart Posting Error then, connect with support. Sage 50 Support Number will guide you all step by step in order to fix your issue right over the phone. Thus wait no longer as you may never know how crucial your problem may be.

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