Sage 50 US Edition 2021: New Features

Sage 50 - US Edition 2021: New Features

The below article is available with the “Sage 50 US edition 2021” New Features which provide ease of use. New features save you time with

Sage 50 US Edition 2021 is available now with new features to make your work easier and more comfortable while working with Sage 20 2021.

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List of Sage 50 – US Edition 2021 With 10 New Features

It is one of the best accounting software which keeps enhancing its features since established.

Enhanced Gmail Integration: The new Sage 50 Gmail integration has been improved to fulfill the new Google security standards. This new feature improves both convenience and security. After Sage 50 is authorized in Gmail, you don’t have to enter the Gmail password every time while sending an email from Sage.

Improved Item ID and Job ID visibility in transaction windows: Now in the new Sage 50 2021 in transaction windows, you can just take your mouse over the item to see the complete Item ID or Job ID, Assemblies/Phase, and cost Codes related to that item or Job ID.

Memorized Purchased Invoices: In this new feature, purchases invoices and bills have been added to the list of transaction types that you can remember. Even complete and partial transactions are easily remembered and later on, they can be recalled, edited, and use which saves them time, and data entry will be more accurate and efficient. Integration: Sage 50 2021 new features also include a unique service which is a cloud base that requires additional fees and helps to enter manual data of purchased invoices. This feature analyzes the scanned and digital invoices and then these invoices are entered in Sage 50 through an integration service that is running continuously in the background.

Ship to Name for Customer Lists: Now in the sales order, Proposal List and Sales Invoice list Ship to Name is now available. This is also now coming on the Customer management tab for sales invoices, sales orders, Quotes, Item sales history by customer, and proposals. Ship to Name for customers make it easy to filter or group invoices, order, and quotes.

Sage Drive renamed Remote Data Access: With renamed Remote Data access you can access the company data from anywhere, but for that, you should have Sage 50 Cloud installed. With this feature, you can stay productive at home or from anywhere.

Sage ID – Single login to access your connected devices: Sage ID is a new feature that allows you to access and connect such as Remote Data Access, Bank feeds, and invoice payments through the sage ID. You have to do just a single login without entering the password for different services.

Network Installation Now Allows UNC path: With this feature of Sage 50 2021, you can select a UNC path instead of a mapped drive letter of the shared data path. If you do an upgrade to Sage 50 2021 it will save the existing mapped drive settings.

Redesigned in Product Messages: Now you can see the message in individual call-outs on the side of the program which is easier to get access to.

Better access to workflow tracking Details: In Sage 50 Quantum user of Workflow process features, tracking details are available in columns in the Quotes list and proposals list.

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