Sage Error 1920 – While Installing Sage Account Data Service


You may receive this error while installing Sage account data service on their computer server, resulting in “Sage Error 1920” discrepancies. The error may occur in a variety of locations throughout the system and may carry only a few details in its error code.

Service Sage 50 Accounts Error 1920 The Data Service was unable to start.

Error 1920 The Sage AutoUpdate Manager Service was unable to start.

Error 1920 Sage 50 Service The Control Service was unable to start.

Today, in this blog we are going to tell you how you can easily fix Sage Error 1920.

Sage Error Causes 1920:

Sage Error 1920 and other errors can occur as a result of operating system corruption or the simultaneous use of multiple applications on the system. As a result, the user may experience system crashes and freezes. There could be additional causes for this error.

  • The current program window crashed.
  • The computer froze for an extended period of time.
  • It is possible that the user window will run very slowly, and keyboard and mouse input will also become slow.
  • Sage error 1920 will appear on the computer while running the same program.
  • Sage error 1920 occurs when unusual things happen with the system. It is possible that it will crash and freeze the user’s programs.
  • Once the computer has been infected with malware and viruses, the situation may be irreversible.

Methods for Resolving Sage Error 1920:

Step One:

  • Check that you are logged in as an administrator on the computer.
  • Start your computer again.
  • Clear your temporary folder (to do so, press Windows key + R). Then % type %. Now, click OK and press Ctrl + A.
  • Then click Yes after pressing Delete.
  • After that, temporarily disable your antivirus software.
  • Then, using Ctrl + Alt + Delete, navigate to Task Manager.
  • Then click the Processes button.
  • Complete the process that was mentioned in the error message.
  • Try the installation once more.

Step Two:

  • First and foremost, restart your computer.
  • Then, as administrator, log in.
  • Run an antivirus scan now.
  • Then turn off your antivirus software for a while.
  • Once completed, launch the installation from the Install folder.
  • After that, install any Windows updates.
  • Finish all Sage processes and delete the temporary folder’s contents.
  • After that, we recommend renaming the InstallShield folder Sage Accounts v22 and below only.
  • Manually register msiexec.exe after renaming it.
  • Finally, you should repair the Microsoft.NET framework.

Step Three:

  • To view the version of your Sage application, press Windows key + R.
  • Right-click the file and select Delete.
  • Choose Yes.
  • After that, close the browser window and reinstall your Sage application.

Last Words:

If you are still stuck with the Error 1920 then you don’t need to worry, you may contact Sage 50 support staff of specialists whenever you need any assistance Call