Sage ID – Create and Resolving Sage ID Authentication Issues

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In today’s blog, you are going to learn more about “creating a new Sage ID” and steps to fix Sage ID Error.

Sage 50 is an excellent software for corporate accounting needs. Sage is becoming increasingly popular among growing businesses as a result of its numerous features and tools. With software like Sage, managing cash flow, account payables and receivables, bill payment, and so on becomes much easier. A person with a non-accounting background can easily understand the software as well.

How to Create a Sage ID

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  • To work on an existing company in Sage 50, the Sage user must first open it.
  • The Sage user must then go to File and then to Sage Drive to complete the signup process.
  • The next step, once you’re on the Sage Drive, is to share the Company screen.
  • After that, click Sign up now to finish the registration process.
  • The user must now enter the Email, Name, and Password, and confirm the password on the Create a new Sage ID login page.
  • Password security is located on the right side of the page. It is necessary for the user to refer to that.
  • Now select Create.
  • After that, select Register from the Welcome to Sage Drive screen to register your Sage ID.

Methods for Resolving Sage ID Authentication Issues

sage id issue

Resolution 1: Display Captcha Window

  • You must reset the password if the Captcha window appears on the screen but the password box remains blank.
  • After that, fill in the captcha information in the field and hit the Continue option with the mouse instead of the keyboard Enter key.

Resolution 2: Start Activating Sage ID

  • The Sage ID activation email can be found here.
  • Go to the Activation Link and click it.
  • Re-download the shared company.

Resolution 3: Make sure the Screen where you Fill in your Credentials Isn’t Blocked

  • Locate the file option, select Sage Drive, and then select Manage User Access from the drop-down menu.
  • Write down the login information, including the email address and password.
  • Click the Sign-in button.
  • Check that you can access the Manager Center now.
  • Close the window of the Management Center.
  • After that, select File and then Sage Drive.
  • Start by selecting Share Company or downloading a Sage Drive company.
  • Sign in with your Sage ID by clicking the Sign in button.
  • If the credential window does not appear, it means that the screen is locked.
  • Attempt to disable the UAC button now.
  • After that, the Internet browser window will appear, or the firewall will be turned off temporarily.
  • Check to see if you can sign in and share a Sage Drive Company at this time.
  • Now you can start configuring the internet settings or the security app.
  • Also, make sure you’re able to enable it.
  • If you get any errors, there may be a problem with your Windows Profile.

Resolution 4: Make sure you’ve Installed all of the Latest Windows Updates

  • Find the Start option.
  • In the Search box, type update.
  • Examine the list of outcomes now.
  • Click on the Windows Update button.
  • Now select Check for Updates from the left-hand menu.
  • If any updates are available, select Install updates.
  • Select the OK button.
  • Restart the computer now.

Resolution 5: Reset Internet Explorer Settings

  • In Internet Explorer, look for the “Settings” option.
  • Select the Internet.
  • Select the Advanced tab.
  • Choose the Reset option.
  • Now look for the box labeled Reset Internet Explorer Settings and click the Reset button.
  • When you’re finished, Internet Explorer will return to its default settings.
  • Select the Close option, then the OK button.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Now open the Sage 50 application and sign in with your Sage ID.

Resolution 6: Double-check Captcha Words

  • Once you’ve completed the captcha words, look for the Continue option.
  • Fill in the captcha words and then select Continue without pressing the enter key.

Resolution 7: Delete the Default Browser Cache

  • To begin, open your default browser.
  • Clear the cache to prevent the process from starting again.

Resolution 8: Login with a Different Windows User Profile on the Workstation

  • There may be a problem with the active Windows User profile on occasion.
  • Now log out of all active windows users and log back in as a different one.
  • To log into the Shared Company, use your original Windows User profile credentials.
  • Check to see if the login credentials process is working.

Hopefully, the above information is sufficient to resolve the Sage ID issues, you may contact Sage 50 Support well-versed staff of specialists whenever you have a problem.

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