How to Fix the Sage .Net Error

With advanced and upgraded technology now available in the accounting sector, you can work for small-scale businesses from anywhere and at any time. Sage 50 is one of the most cutting-edge accounting program on the market today. It was previously known as Peachtree, and it allows wholesale distributors to manage payroll, accounting, and payments with ease.

Sometimes it happens that while working on your favorite accounting software, you may encounter a message on the screen which says, “ Error: Sage 50 Cannot be Started.. And I have Microsoft .NET framework errors in my event viewer. “ This is known as the Sage 50 Accounting Program error with Microsoft.Net frameworks has been reported by users.

With this error usually, Customers are unable to run their daily ‘Check data, routine, and the excel reporting stops working properly as a result of this error.

What is the Cause of the Sage 50 .NET Error?

This error is caused by the Sage 50 Accounting program, which is built on the Microsoft.Net framework. If a subsequent relaunch is downloaded and installed on your PC, for example, this error may occur.

To get a more detailed perspective and information on the causes of this error, run through the information given below: 

  • One of the most prominent reasons for this error is that it is caused by infected or corrupted WMI.
  • It can also occur due to a damaged program path.
  • A broken or missing Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • Another possible reason can also be that Computers are on different networks.

How to Fix the Sage .Net Error? 

Although, the error may occur it can be fixed with the following listed methods if performed accurately. To learn closely, read through the following.

Method I: To Run the Msinfo32

  • The first step, run the Msinfo32in order to check in case that if windows can gather data.
  • Hit start on the button dialogue box.
  • Type, ‘msinfo32’ into the search bar and the press Enter key, for the next step.
  • Now, in the system summary column, a window will display your System Information.

Method II: Install the latest Windows Update

  • The first and foremost step is to open the Run menu, proceed to press Windows.
  • Window + R key combination together. 
  • Next, type Control on the textbox and then hit Ok to proceed. 
  • After the subsequent step, click on the option named Windows Update and further choose the option Check for updates. 
  • Thereafter, proceed to follow up with the on-screen prompts. 
  • Finally, try to open Sage and check for errors.

Method III: If the ‘Managed Exception’ error is displayed in the Event Viewer

  • The Run menu will appear once, the Windows + R Key combination is pressed together.
  • Type Control on the textbox and further hit Ok to proceed.
  • Next, select Programs and Features.
  • Now, proceed to click on “ Turn windows features on or off” and further hit on Allow if you want to approve of the changes.
  • For the next step, proceed to clear out the checkbox next to Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1
  • Hit Ok.
  • Now if prompt, proceed to restart the computer.
  • After the subsequent step, press Windows + R To Open the Run menu.
  • Thereafter, click on ‘Turn windows features on or off, and also hit Allow if you want to approve the prompt changes.
  • Next, proceed to double-click on the tab Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.1
  • For the next step, proceed to check the ‘Windows Communication Foundation Non-HTTP Activation’ box.
  • Hit Ok and further restart the computer.

Method IV: If the ‘Unhandled Exception’ Error message is displayed in the Event Viewer

  • The first step, proceed to remove all the concerned files from the Program Path.
  • After the subsequent step, run a repair on the program.
  • Proceed to install a different Program Path if the error message still persists.

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