How Does Sage Payroll Exception Report Work


Problem: With the help of Exception report, you can find out and rectify the employees with inaccurate with holdings. These inaccurate with holdings occur mostly because of the manually-created payrolls which were miscalculated somehow. If you are willing to learn about how Sage Payroll Exception Report Works, follow the guidelines provided below by the AskForAccounting Sage 50 support team.

Sage Payroll Exception Report Work

Options in Sage Payroll Exception Report Work: Select the data criteria to apply it to the reports that you are going to see by clicking Options. The filter options that you can apply are:

  • Dates: there will be a drop-down box for selecting the desired quarter of the year.
  • Sort By: choose either Employee ID or Employee Name to sort it accordingly.
  • Select A Filter: go to the left and select a filter. Now, you can define the options for these filters by going to the right. You can select other filters as well and define the options for them.
  • Tax To Check: To appear on Payroll Tax reports, the calculable Payroll Fields appear in a drop-down under these options. You can use the Tax Table to figure out the Payroll fields. You can go to Employee Default to see the Payroll Field Information.
  • Tax To Adjust To: You get to see All Payroll Fields on this list. If you checked the Prepare Correcting Entries already, then you need to select only one from the list. You cannot keep the Tax field the same as the one selected in Tax to Check It will be a Payroll journal entry to fix the Tax to Check. It drives to error out and to the Tax To Adjust To. You cannot adjust the Employer Taxes in these reports, only Employee Tax needs to be adjusted.
  • Prepare Correcting Entries: The program will start to prepare to correct journal entries if you have checked this box. Then, they are entered into the Payroll Journal. Now, you can either remove or modify them. Also, you can put them into the employee records and General Ledger. If you are posting through the Batch method, ensure that you post payroll once you have run the report.

Columns in Sage Payroll Exception Report Work: Depending on which Data Field you want to choose, you need to click Columns link for the exploration of the same. You get to choose at which points the columns would break.

Fonts: You can choose the Fonts link to choose the kind of font style you want to use in the headings and the body of the text. You can also show special codes in the headings of the report as well. These special codes include the Current Period, The date of the present day, an as-of date, and the name of the company.

Now you are ready to explore one of the many options from the list of actions you can perform in Payroll Exception Report:

  • You can print payroll exception reports to find out and clear the difference between actual withholdings and calculated withholdings.
  • Display a report on your computer screen.
  • Filter a financial statement, or filter a report from the financial statement.
  • Choose data records so that you can filter a report.
  • Print a financial statement or a report.
  • You can design a report as well.
  • And many more…

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