Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021: New Features & System Requirements

Sage has many versions and editions and now “Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021” is available for the users. It is available with a combination of core accounting and advanced features such as job costing, time and billing, deep inventory capabilities, and more tools.

Its multi-user option has improved productivity while providing control to the person accessing the data. Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021 is now available with more than 100 customizable financial reports and business reports.

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Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021 is one of the best quality accounting products which is simply awesome. It helps to make your work more accurate, as well as provide you with the efficiency of your work. Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021 offers you important tools to maximize your work and manage the business with the optimum organization.

Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021 Offers

Organization – Sage 50 helps you to keep your organization organized. Using the Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021 enables you to easily track all the behind-the-scenes activities of a business, inventory, and cash flow. You can also enable the email notification to keep updated every time.
Assistance – With the purchasing of Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021 you get the Sage Advisor to assist you with useful information, assistance, and helpful tips. While working if you face any issues no worries, help desk is always there for your assistance.
Security – With Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021, you are also getting high-security features, which keep your valuable and sensitive data secured. Don’t be let any access to your precious database and company secrets, Sage 50 2021 gives you a working atmosphere with top security of the organizational data.
Efficiency – Sage 50 Pro Accounting is efficient and provides you with a dashboard that is customizable, through using a dashboard you can see the most important information for your business. Additionally, it saves your time.
Simplicity – Sage 50 is very simple to use, anyone, can easily track your profits, easily pay your bills and send invoices to the customers. This helps you to save time to organize your finances and thus you can put extra time and effort to grow the business.

Sage 50 helps to run your business with ease, it is simple to use for any user. The new and exciting features of Sage 50 Pro Accounting save you valuable time and money. Simply start using the new Sage 50 Pro Accounting and manage everything on the tips, keep your data secure, and comply with business accounting regulations. You will also get assistance along the way.

Features of Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021

Inventory – Manage your business and streamline it with the help of inventory management tools. Manage your inventory by cost, number, and item description.
Revenue and Expenses – Revenue and expenses are the most important things of the business, with the Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021 keep track of your cash flow. Organize the financial data and get the exact overview of business performance.
Pay Bills – This feature helps you to easily and quickly pay bills to be at top of your business finances. Paying bills in makes timely is a good habit to sustain the business for a long time.
Purchase Orders – Recording and creating a Purchase order to keep track of all the items. Forget remembering PO orders and related tasks to track everything. Sage 50 Pro Accounting makes this more easily and more quickly.
Invoicing – Sending an invoice is one of the important things which may take time, Sage 50 Pro Accounting helps you to easily send an invoice to customers and track the accounts to watch the customer’s payments.
Job Cost – Track the cost of the project at the job level, which includes labor, materials, and overhead to get the profitability of a job and plan accordingly. Having job costs on tips helps you to make quick decisions anytime.
Single User – Anyone can use this new edition of Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021; this is one of the best accounting software for the single user.

System Requirements for Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021

Talking about the System requirements is more important before installing the Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021. Sage 50 Peachtree pro accounting Software 2021 and 2020 offers user-friendly tools with multiple help options.

  • 2.4 GHz processor (Intel Core i3 and above that) for single and multiple users.
  • Min 4 GB RAM and 8GB and higher for multiple users.
  • 3 GB Hard disks for installation.

Minimum System Requirements for Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021

  • Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 with Microsoft’s latest updates.
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2016, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 peer-to-peer networks.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2, includes DirectX Dependency for .NET which needs an additional 280MB –850 MB.
  • Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Word integration need MS Excel, Outlook, and Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Integration – need Office 365 Business Premium or Enterprise edition.
  • At least high color (16bit) SVGA video, Minimum resolution 1280800, Preferred resolution 1440900 or above, small fonts/DPI settings needs.
  • All online features require Internet Access, for best performance download speed should be 25MBPS and upload speed should be a minimum of 10MBPS.

Hopefully, the above information for Sage 50, Pro Accounting 2021 helped you a lot. The Sage team is polite, a quick problem resolver, and has many years of experience in the same domain. Simply get the Sage 50 and take your business to new heights.

Still, if you need any assistance get the resolutions from our certified and dedicated Sage 50 Consultant team. The Sage 50 team is available 24*7 to assist you with all the things related to Sage. You can also email [email protected] or do a live chat with Sage technicians.


What is the Preferred Resolution Color for Sage 50 2021?

The preferred resolution is 1440900 or above for Sage 50 2021. However, the minimum resolution is 1280800 but it is always advisable to use the preferred resolution to get the best results.

What is the Internet speed Required for the Sage 50 2021?

As all features required internet access, the speed should be 25 Mbps and upload speeds should be 10MBPS. Less internet speed may interrupt you while you working with Sage 50 2021.

What does Sage 50 2021 offer?

New Sage 50 gives you efficiency, security, Assistance, and simplicity. These new features help you to maximize production and you help to save you more time.

What are some New Features of Sage 50 2021?

Some of the new features are Job cost, Invoicing, Purchase orders, Pay bills, Revenue, expenses, etc. With these features, the user can now grow more with more productivity and better ease of work.

I have Windows 8.1 but not Microsoft’s latest updates, do I need to install Microsoft’s latest updates?

Yes, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 required Microsoft’s latest updates. The latest updates are very much required as some features may not work because of the latest Microsoft updates.

Speak to a Specialist about Your Sage Software

Get instant assistance with Sage accounting software. Our Sage experts are available 24x7 and resolve issues within minimum turnaround time. We support both US & Canada Editions of Sage 50 Software.

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