Send Email from QuickBooks through Gmail Account

Send Email from QuickBooks through Gmail Account

DIDYouKNOW – How to Send Email From QuickBooks through your Gmail Account. QuickBooks gives its users several email integration options like Web Mail, Outlook and QuickBooks emails. In case you want to send email from QuickBooks through Gmail then you have to use the Web Mail to set up Gmail. This article provides you with step-by-step information on “how to send email from QuickBooks through Gmail“.

How to Send Email from QuickBooks through a Gmail Account?

Send Email from QuickBooks through Gmail Account

After completing the setting up of Gmail account in QuickBooks follow the next steps, it will guide you on how to send an invoice with Gmail.

Total Time: 25 minutes

Step 1: Ensure that a Valid Email Address

🔹 Create an invoice for the customer and ensure that there is a valid email address in the customer’s record.

Step 2: Click on Menu icon & Select Email Icon

🔹 After finishing the creating of the invoice click on Menu icon.
🔹 From there select the Email icon and click on it.

Step 3: Open a Dialogue Box With ‘Send Invoice’ & Check Gmail Address is correct

🔹 This will open a dialogue box ‘Send Invoice’ and in that box you will be given a preview of your mail.
🔹 In case there are any errors or any changes that you wish to make you can do it in the preview box.
🔹 On the top there is a box beside ‘From’, you can check whether your Gmail address is correct.
🔹 There is also a drop down icon in the box so that you can choose from the multiple web mail account that you might have set up.

Step 4: Check the Receiver’s Email Address & Send the Email

🔹 There is a box beside the ‘To’ icon, there check the receiver’s email address.
🔹 After you have checked that everything is OK, click on the ‘Send’ button.

Step 5: First Time using Gmail from QuickBooks to send an invoice a new window ‘Provide Email Information’ will open

🔹 As this is the first time that you are using Gmail from QuickBooks to send an invoice a new window ‘Provide Email Information’ will open.
🔹 In this window you have to enter your Gmail password for the Gmail id that is shown on the box beside ‘Email Id’.
🔹 After entering the password click on the OK button
🔹 This will send the invoice to your client.

Steps to Setting up the E-mail Account:

To use Gmail for sending reports and forms from the QuickBooks desktop, one must follow these steps for setting up the e-mail account.

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and go to the main menu and from there select ‘Edit’ button
  • From the list on the left side, select and click on ‘Send Forms’.
  • Two options will appear ‘My Preferences’ and ‘Company Preferences’, from there select and click on ‘My Preferences’
  • Next check on the box in beside ‘Auto-check the ‘Email later’ checkbox if customer’s Preferred Delivery Method is e-mail’ in case the box beside it is unchecked.
  • Next from the ‘SEND E-MAIL USING’ list select and click on ‘Web Mail’ as there will be two other options ‘Outlook’ and ‘QuickBooks E-mail’.
  • At the end of the page, click on the ‘Add’ icon.
  • A new dialogue box will open with the heading ‘Add Email Info’. Beside the ‘Email Id’ there is a box, you have to enter your full Gmail id.
  • Next on the box beside ‘Email Provider’ click on the drop down list and select Gmail.
  • Once that is done the “SMPT SERVER DETAILS” will be automatically filled in by QuickBooks.
  • To save your email address and to be added to the E-Mail ID list go to the OK button and click on it.
  • Next enter the password of your Gmail account before trying to send a form or report of QuickBooks through Gmail.
  • Once the password has been entered you are all done.

However at times after entering the password another dialogue box may appear ‘Email or password Incorrect’. This is because Gmail does not allow QuickBooks apps to access the Gmail account. To ensure that you can check your Gmail, you will get a mail from Gmail with a link, click on that. A new page will open ‘Sign & Security’. Click on the Off button to turn on the ‘Allow less secure apps’. This will let you sign in with your Gmail password via QuickBooks.

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