Send QuickBooks Invoice in Canadian Dollars and US Dollars


QuickBooks is that platform where you find all solution to managing finical programs and becomes the best choice for all entrepreneurs. Most of the users have an issue while they “send QuickBooks invoice in Canadian and US dollars“. To connect your organization globally, only this feature will help you to make a path all around the world. This blog will help you to figure out this issue along with the complete procedures and required information.

Basic Instructions, QuickBooks user must know about them

QuickBooks works on Multiple Currencies; this feature makes a path to run the organization globally and create a network to get more productive. There are some very useful instructions, which users must know about them, all are listed below

  • You can select a foreign currency for new customers/clients or new vendors while setting up their account settings.
  • The “Multiple currencies” approach is activated through the “Company Preferences Window” option.
  • Make sure while activating this setting, once you create and you are unable to edit or change any new settings
QuickBooks invoice in Canadian Dollars and US Dollars

To Send QuickBooks Invoice in Canadian Dollars and US Dollars, perform the below steps:

  • On your open window, hit your first click on the “gear icon
  • And then choose the “Account and Settings” from the drop-down preferences
  • Then click on the “Advanced tab” and all preferences will pop-up on your screen
  • Locate the “Currency category” option and mark on it
  • And then choose “Enable Multi currency” option
  • After that, options of all currencies will appear on your screen
  • Then you can choose either the Canadian dollar or US dollar as per your business essential

Apart from these currencies, you can choose anyone from the available options. It offers the currency of most countries to fly your organization’s connection in every corner of the world. QuickBooks is one of the most demanding accounting software because of its amazing features and advanced approaches.

To Change the Currency on an Invoice in QuickBooks, read the below steps

  • The first thing to do is to click on the “gear icon”
  • Then enter your next click on the “company settings” option
  • From the available preferences, drop your cursor at the “Advanced” and enter your click on “Currency”
  • Make sure about the box labeled Multi-currency to switch on this feature.
  • Once you switched, then the home currency is ready to set.
  • After that, you are unable to do any changes in QuickBooks Online
  • Then click on Save and done.

QuickBooks software helps you to track all organization financial processes with your personal smart, windows, and iOS devices anytime anywhere. The above feature will help to make a bond with other countries without any hassle and get more profits and benefits at the global level.

For further inquiries, make contact QuickBooks expertise team

I hope, the above information is sufficient to figure out this issue but still want to know more how to send multiple invoice in one email or any query in your mind regarding this issue. At your service, the QuickBooks support team always active to help you and to resolve your all queries. To rectify all issues, drop all queries at this email address. If you face any issue while running with this software, no need to worry do QB LIVE CHAT with QuickBooks expertise.