QuickBooks Revel Point of Sale Setup

QBO (QuickBooks Online) permits the Revel point of sale feature for your business. This blog will cover the relevant guidance to learn how to QuickBooks Revel Point of Sale.

How to Setup QuickBooks Revel Point of Sale

To complete the entire setup process you require the following three stages that are given below:

Ways 1: Setup QuickBooks Online

This is the initial step to set up QuickBooks Online. This generally takes 1-3 days. Below-written is the steps associated with the startup process:

  • You’ve login the Docu sign agreement and it’s been acknowledged.
  • Then you will receive three emails described below
  • You’ll get an email with the login credentials for QuickBooks Payments.
  • You’ll get an email with the login data for QuickBooks Online.
  • You’ll get an email with the login information for Revel Point of Sale (when you log in you will receive the instructions via wizard).
  • At last, you’ll have an alternative to plan your setup arrangement either on the web.

Stage 2: Steps to Set up Revel Point of Sale in QuickBooks

The revel setup takes a minimum of 10-15 business days after you signup. Follow the written instructions:

  • The Revel point of the Sale Consultant team will reach you at the scheduled time and give you a visit and also set up the customized system of point of sale (you will receive a call within 3-4 business days after you sign up with accurate details).
  • When you are waiting for hardware and configuring system settings as per the previous welcome call.
  • They will organize another call to assist you in setting up hardware.
  • While calling they will line up a test transaction to agree (It might take 10 business days ).
  • You will get a further call from the Revel Point of Sale team welcome team for confirming the setting and questions & answers that they collected after the hardware setup.
  • You can also schedule a further call if required.

Stage 3: Finalizing Transactions

You can reach out to Consultant expertise if you require any further inquiries or face any queries while finalizing transactions in the Revel Point of Sale. Revel’s point of sale will remain operating with QBO. However, it is no longer compatible with QuickBooks Desktop Effective January. To know more information about QuickBooks including how to fix errors associated with it, product updates, Revel point of sale, refunds, cancellation, and more, you can chat with the experts through a Live Chat link. You can call the QuickBooks Point of Sale expert’s team. You can also send queries through the email address.

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